Monday, May 09, 2016

10 Second Anime - Flying Witch - Episode 5

Chito the Cat explores the village while Chinatsu tails him and then he shows Makoto what he found.

Episode 5 - "How to Use Your Familiar"


There are two elements that make Healing Anime work. First, the characters. Since nothing really happens in terms of some interesting story, the viewer needs to like the characters and how they relate to each other so it feels like a weekly visit with new friends. Second, the location. The characters can't just sit around one room and talk to each other. They need to go out and do stuff, and then talk to each other about this stuff.

Chito the Cat took us on a cat's eye view of the Makoto's new village. This was a nice counterbalance to Makoto's little trip through her own memories as she unpacked the rest of her stuff.

This was responsible behavior on Chito's part. As Makoto's familiar, he needs to be reliable, and one of Makoto's shortcomings is her terrible sense of direction. Chito figured out a bunch of landmarks relatable to him as a cat but also places where he made memories for Makoto too. Chito Navi is the best!

Akane is still around, but napping the whole day away. Stealing Papa's croquette at breakfast is tiring work, but Mama gave him two at lunch, so it all worked out.

Makoto really did send everything to her cousins' house. Even the pickles!

Chinatsu had the best line in the whole episode when she decided to follow Chito around town. Her mom asked where she was going and she replied, "I don't know, but I'm sure it's awesome!" And it was!

Chito took Makoto to the "cool spot" in the afternoon, along with all the other places he dragged Chinatsu through. I'm sure he knew Chinatsu was following and pulled a few pranks on her too.

Chito is still a cat, so I'm not surprised he kept teasing that poor dog.

A nice difference between the two trips with Chito was Makoto running into Nao and joining her on a delivery.

I thought it was not supposed to be a big deal that Makoto was a witch. If she's supposed to keep it a secret from non-family members and close friends, maybe she shouldn't be flying her broom and she needs to become a better liar.

The star of the episode was Chito.

He can be smug rascal. I think he views himself as Makoto's older brother.

I really appreciated the traveling music during his exploration with Chinatsu. Reprising the music with Makoto in tow was an excellent touch. Nostalgia is the name of the game for Healing Anime, and to create that feeling intra-episode between morning and afternoon is great mood setting.

Ha! Chito said Nao was cute too! What a lady killer.

I think Chito picked up another little sister to protect. He may be a smug rascal, but he's also a nice guy cat.

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