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10 Second Anime - Prison School - Episode 13 [OAD]

The boys adjust to life outside the prison, but Joe has a harder time than the others.

Episode 13 - "Mad Wax"


The prologue fleshes out the scene we saw in the season finale with the Underground Student Council being sent to prison by the actual Student Council. And I do mean "flesh." Check out the relevant bits in the Geh! section.

At this point, Mari knew she had been out-maneuvered and her group had to take their lumps so as not to increase the length of their sentence, which President Kate mentioned was something only their despicable group would do.

Three days later, the rest of the episode centers on making light of the conventional prison rehabilitation story by showing how hard Joe found it to adjust to "normal" life.

Also, the rest of the episode centered on finding Gakuto a replacement for Meiko's tender mercies with someone else's actually tender mercies. Complete with her own hilarious ecchi personality quirk! Mitsuko! Banzai!

Why Is It Always Kiyoshi!?

Actually, this time around, it wasn't just Kiyoshi. Sure, Kiyoshi had Chiyo show up to help feed him because of what Hana did to his wrist (which Kiyoshi could forgive because of the generous deposit she made to his spank bank), but Anzu stopped by to flirt with Shingo too.

Oh, Shingo started off mad at Chiyo and Kiyoshi, but he took his own turn of jealousy directed at him.

Sadly, Anzu provided us no nip-slips this episode, although Shingo may have had a better view than we did.

Mitsuko Pythagoras Klutz

With Meiko in prison, Gakuto has no one to smash him in the head while bending over to give the audience a generous peek at her G-string. Enter Student Council Member Mitsuko.

Gakuto never thought a girl would talk to him the rest of his days in high school because of how he shat his pants in Episode 3 to record that very necessary toilet sound. However, Mitsuko's shared love of Three Kingdoms history and having her own "accident" in public gave her a couple of things in common to forge a bond with him.

What I liked about Mitsuko was she never mentioned she was on the Student Council to Gakuto. He traded one authority figure's attention for another, but with less violence this time around.

But if Mitsuko is hanging out with Gakuto, that means we need a personality quirk to see her underwear! We give you the Pythagoras Klutz!

Pythagoras Switch is a children's show where one of its features is showing Rube Goldberg machines make noise and do interesting stuff. Mitsuko's bad luck in somehow having a complicated chain of events show off her underwear was a nice solution to replace Meiko's Crotch Watch. Gakuto didn't like Shingo's nickname of the Pythagoras Klutz, no matter how much he enjoyed the antics.

Mitsuko's bad luck proved to be a crucial plot device for Andre helping Joe in his struggle to live a normal high school life.

Joe the Prisoner

Joe didn't get much action during the season, only being taken advantage of for his devotion to his ant farm and showing off his paper thin body in an arm wrestling contest. This extra episode rectifies that by showing his difficulty living on "the outside" and deciding to find a way back in.

I really wish he found a different way to get back in than being a pervert running around in a trench coat. My question: who taught him tortoise binding? We know Andre has the skills, but did he show him how to do this stuff while they were in prison? And what else does Andre do with that big wax candle in his drawer?

The other guys found their reasons to live on the outside. Andre didn't need a lone girl as long as he had a whole bunch of them punching him in the gut. All Joe needed was patience. A random girl giving out cupcakes just might come along and stop you from flashing the girls in the pool locker room. Well, let's just say a random girl might come along handing out cupcakes.

The credits say this girl's name is Satou, but her name isn't said aloud in the dialogue. Anyway, with Meiko in prison, we definitely needed another Glasses Girl. Satou! Banzai!


This ain't no broadcast version, so no celestial shadows and rays of censorship in this NSFW section.

Aw. One last chance at Meiko's Crotch Watch before she went to prison.

Thankfully, this was quickly replaced my Mitsuko's Pantsu Watch. Pythagoras Klutz! Banzai!

Mari prepared herself for humiliation, but the Student Council knew lower depths of depravity.

And that was the last bit of nudity we'll see from Mari's group before the second season ramps up. I miss Meiko already.

The random panty shots reminded me very much of the first episode before the boys got caught in their Peeping Operation. Here we saw Joe already tempted by the idea of going back to prison only to be stopped by Andre. Of course, this being Prison School, Joe had to amp up the outrage levels for the episode's climax using the same basic idea of committing indecency.

Mitsuko's Complicated Panty Shots.

Mitsuko's chain reaction cabaret show wasn't just funny and sexy. By keeping in line with Prison School's brand of outrageous humor, it was the plot device necessary to bring Joe's adversity to a humorous climax. With lots of floor wax, hence the title of the episode. I suppose they're referencing Mad Max as a movie title, like they did with Erin Brockovich.

And don't worry about Andre. He got his own reward in trying to help Joe avoid going back to prison.


I wondered how this show would handle an episode outside of the confines of prison and I was satisfied with their choice in exploring what happens to prisoners after they're released. In that sense, it was still "Prison" school, because rehabilitation isn't just what happens on the inside of prison, but also the outside during readjustment to society.

Of course, Prison School is going to make this exploration an exploitative perverted comedic sequence of events, so I wasn't disappointed on that score either. I'm still looking forward to the second season, whenever that may be.

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