Thursday, March 17, 2016

10 Second Anime - Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 453

Itachi Shippuuden continues. Itachi reflects on the bonds he created with his first team and how they awakened his sharingan.

Episode 453 - "Itachi's Story: Light and Darkness - The Pain of Living"


It's three years since the last episode and the Uchiha clan has only grown in their resentment of the village with their relocation.

Itachi's father didn't just have fatherly admiration for his genius son. They were forming a real friendly father-son relationship. Sasuke was always going to be third wheel to that.

Ha! Izumi joked that Itachi was going to awaken his sharingan with how he thought he was going to miss out on those sweet dango dumplings.

The team dynamics with a young genius on it played out like we've seen many times before in Naruto. We saw it with Kakashi and with Sasuke.

Whee! This cat lady ninja!

The kids always make fun of their team captain's dating habits. I guess it's to be expected when those ninja are usually in their mid-20's and unmarried.

Itachi was more of a superstar with the ladies than Sasuke ever was.

It sounded like Shinko the kunoichi had the same voice actress as Tenten.

It's always the girl ninja making the boy ninjas play well together too. Of course, she took it out more on Tenma than Itachi.

The major revelation for Itachi in this filler was that Obito was responsible for awakening his sharingan when he killed his teammates. It's always a terrible thing to reflect on the Uchiha clan's eye power because the more powerful the sharingan, the more powerful the bond that was severed to awaken it. It makes sense that they got good at transplanting awakened eyes so that individual Uchiha wouldn't have to form those close bonds themselves. Such a ruthless and unearned shortcut to power.

Next time, we get to see more of the depth in Itachi's friendship with Shisui. It's such a bittersweet feeling to see these great characters while knowing their tragic ends.

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