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10 Second Anime - Dimension W - Episode 9

Flashbacks reveal many of the secrets the main characters hold as they approach the nexus point of their past calamity on Easter Island.

File.09 - "The Key to Andrastea"


Well, let's just lay out all the mysteries to all these main characters, shall we?

The main bad guy, Haruka Seameyer, made his evil character entrance, and it was pretty effective, considering we first saw him two episodes ago as a big, black ball of nothing. He lead the revolt against mainstreaming the coils as just an energy source.

Loser was revealed to be Julian, a scientist at New Tesla's top secret research lab on Easter Island, code named Andrastea, stationed there with his wife Sophia. Andrastea is probably a reference to the Celtic war goddess Andraste, who was commonly invoked by the Celts during the Roman invasion of the British Isles.

We got a few more scenes of how the Grendel bros really were all nice guys to each other. I chuckled at the big scary dude wearing a chef hat and showing his role on the team as the tech guy.

It looks to me that Julian was collecting the Numbers because of their idiosyncratic ways of emitting energy from Dimension W. Even so, he wasn't prepared for what he found behind the big Andrastea vault door.

Little girls should not play with vibrating objects, Ellie.

This Seameyer guy was the reason Professor Yurizaki was targeted, since he was a former student of his. There's still more story to be told about what happened in the aftermath of the Easter Island incident, what Mabuchi's role in it was, why Julian the Loser thinks his memories are the key to getting to the center of Andrastea and how what happened there was related to Miyabi's tragic accident.

Salva the Wind of Africa's extended memory explained what happened to Lwai his adoptive brother, which laid another foundation for convincing the audience to sympathize with him, but his casual slap of Lashiti reminded us that he's a flawed person not so deserving of admiration. That wasn't a very subtle scene, but its point was made readily enough.

Mary the contractor confirmed for us that Mira and all her counterparts' bodies were prototypes for Miyabi's operation. I'm not sure why or when Mary told Mira this, but she's obviously good at keeping secrets.

I was deeply touched by Miyabi's observation of her lifeline being broken, but then continuing for a long time after that break. I'm sure that happened in the real past scene, where she expressed her hope the operation was going to be a success, but Mira's appearance in the memory from Dimension W was an effective way to show that Mabuchi has a strong grasp on reality and may have been denying his own feelings of accepting Miyabi's death and forging a new life without her.


I found Seameyer's explanation that Dimension W's source of possibilities came from memories very intriguing. Of course, in a dimension of possibilities, they need to have some base to shoot off from, something to be those branch points. Memories aren't just fixed moments in time though, as they can move from branch point to branch point too.

Seameyer's point, relative to this story told from Mabuchi and Loser's perspective, is that the memory of their loved ones can be extracted from Dimension W through the coils. The trick is managing the dimensional collapse as these past possibilities manifest themselves in the real world. We're beginning to see the broad outlines of why Mira's neural network is so complicated and what her tail's abilities are for.

It's interesting that the major mysteries of who Loser was and Mira's relationship to Mabuchi's dead wife were dealt with so quickly and forcefully in one episode. This is a clue to me that we have a lot of story to work through as we reach the season's end. We still need to find out where the illegal coils come from and what Mabuchi did to create those dead zones. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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