Sunday, March 20, 2016

10 Second Anime - Dimension W - Episode 11

Mabuchi's group meets Loser and Ellie at the center of the Genesis accident. They confront Seameyer, the one responsible for the Easter Island attack.

File.11 - "The Lost Genesis"


This was an episode heavy on action and exposition, which is good, because we need to set all the pieces on the board before this game is over.

Lwai's revelation was that he remotely controls his robot bodies. His real body is still in Central Africa, but the use of coils lets him interface with the robots without any lag.

The extended flashback showed Julian AKA Loser meeting Seameyer and their work on the transporting coil.

That equation, WE = pmc², makes explicit that Dimension W is one of "possibility." Apparently p for possibility is a scalar of some sort. I'd like to see how that is derived and how all the units cancel out.

The early work on the transporter coil showed that Life or its possibilities don't come back with the object as it passes through Dimension W. Seameyer claimed to have solved the equations to make this work during his exile, but had earlier accused Yurizaki of solving them first when New Tesla shut down his research. Well, just because he was paranoid didn't mean people were really out to get him. I can see how the New Tesla board would be trying to arrest Yurizaki after the Easter Island incident.

The fight between Loser and Chrysler wasn't shown at all. The story is moving at a fast pace concentrating on the important things. If this were a Bleach episode, I'm sure this whole Easter Island arc would take 24 episodes, instead of just 4.

I'm also sure each of these guys would have received an episode or 2 in such a scenario.

Instead, we saw some fine robot on robot action.

This is all good. They mystery behind Mabuchi's memories and Mira's lack of specifics on what her Father had been working for the last two years needed to get answered before the finale.

We were reminded again of Mira's sensitive tail. Better yet, Salva explained that official coils actually censor secrets sensitive to New Tesla from devices. That's the real reason collectors are paid money to go after illegal coils, not the ostensibly honorable one of preventing accidents. Yurizaki's request for Mira to "follow the illegal coils" was a clever way to get back her memories and eventually hook up with Mabuchi on Easter Island while evading official coil censoring.

We're not totally done yet with the mystery of what Mabuchi did with the Genesis coil. We learned that we was the second person to be transported alive. Loser was the first, but not done very well. Good enough considered how many people died before his turn.

Mabuchi came back to Easter Island without the Genesis coil and without some of his memories. We'll have to wait 'til next episode to get the full final revelation. I have a feeling it's connected to Miyabi's coil accident during her surgery.

Last episode, one of the coil zombies being controlled by K.K. had a name tag that said "Julian Tyler," Loser's real name. I hope it was just animators being lazy and recycling image objects from the flashback episode.

Meanwhile, we need to have a big bad monster to distract the others while Mabuchi and Mira confront the core of the story in the final episode. Say hello to mama, Ellie!

I saw that and thought, "Cripes. Now we have Akira popping out of this whole with a singularity for a head. Oh nononono! Beautiful Sophia could not have been turned into this!"

I'm still waiting to find out where illegal coils come from, what Yurizaki was working on with Mira for the last two years and what Mabuchi did with the Genesis coil. Seameyer thinks it's stashed on a smaller fragment of the lab in another part of Dimension W that he has no access to. I guess that's why he was so keen on following Mabuchi through the other memories. I'm looking forward to the conclusion!

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