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10 Second Anime - Dimension W - Episode 10

The other collectors begin to show their competing agendas for recovering the mysterious coil. Mabuchi starts to recover his memories from the Easter Island calamity.

File.10 - "Resurrected Nightmare"


I like the mix of cliffhangers this show uses. It's not always something bad showing up. Sometimes, like at the end of this episode, it's some really surprising good thing.

I get a kick out of how cutely Mira uses her combat skills. Earlier, we had heard her say, "Please, excuse me," when plugging into a robot to retrieve its coil. This time around, we got the conventional cute girl strike, "Ey!" Ah! I love it.

Speaking of cute.

Hnnnggg! This is some nice progress from when Mabuchi was punching her in the head at Lake Yasogami.

Hee! Mira asked him to do it again! But then he called her a piece of junk again. Two steps forward, one step back, right Mira?

Mabuchi told her that "robots don't cry," but I took that as more than an admonishment not to blow her cover. I think after his mix of dreams and memories, Mabuchi is starting to acknowledge Mira as just a person instead of a strange robot.

More of what happened on that decisive day was revealed through a mix of action and flashbacks. The core of the mystery is still hidden by Mabuchi's Swiss cheese memory. One of the collectors suggested that Mabuchi's memories may have been extracted instead of some dimensional fracturing or regular amnesia from the trauma.

Aw. These coil zombies are really zombies. I'm not sure how the dead zone works with consciousness, whether there's a time limit on how long you can be out, or whether you should not pass out at all, but according to that K.K. guy, memories and "souls" are lost in Dimension W, so these zombies are just flesh robots to be controlled.

Mabuchi gave K.K. a little pay back for animating his dead friend Doug.

Oh, and also killing Lwai. Except Lwai had his own cards to play, which was that great cliffhanger I talked about at the top of the review.

Japan Mask and Captain America are about to throw down! Uh, I mean Loser and Jason Chrysler. Loser wasn't the only one using Number coils in his body. Jason has Number 001. Whoa.

That was a pretty effective melding of Miyabi and Mira as the gentle girl holding Mabuchi back from killing K.K. That mix of memories and dreams forced on him by Seameyer the black blob appears to have pushed Mabuchi past a threshold of sorts.


The big revelation was what Seameyer's insurgency was about: using Dimension W as a transporter. It had already been determined that living things died in the course of being sent into W and being pulled back out. There's a connection between Awareness and Memories and Possibilities that makes pulling a person back out of W a real mess. We saw in the Lake Yasogami incident that those "ghosts" provided too much information for the robot sensors to record properly (more like data that was orthogonal to the regular space-time dimensions we experience). Perhaps trying to bring people back into this dimension meant bringing back the bits of possibilities attached to their memories which would mean multiple minds and bodies being forced to occupy the same space. I'm already thinking how Mira's tail for tuning Dimension W is related to a fix for this.

My guess is Mrs. Yurizaki tried to create a mind for Miyabi to come back to with Mira's neural network and Mr. Yurizaki created a way to do that safely with Mira's robot body. The technique of transferring a mind to a robot body and neural net obviously works, considering Lwai's revelation, but I think his operation came much later after Miyabi's death. It's one thing for a living mind to transfer bodies, but what about one trapped in Dimension W?

There's still quite a bit more information to reveal about where the story will end up. Everyone believes that the coil that started up again in the dead zone is the Genesis, the coil that was developed as a transporter. Mabuchi, even without his lost memories, believes what happened on Easter Island and the accident that killed Miyabi are related, and this transportation concept is the first hint of how that may be true.

Also, Seameyer is still trapped in W and needs to find out how Mabuchi escaped it. I have a feeling Mabuchi has escaped Dimension W more than once, considering how he woke up from his mix of dreams and memories.

Things keep getting more interesting and the pacing of how the past is revealed in relation to a contemporaneous situation is quite effective. I'm not bored with how there are two storylines being told at the same time. That's quite a trick and, so far, the writing staff handled it pretty well.

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