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10 Second Anime - Dagashi Kashi - Episode 9

Hotaru doesn't let a mouth ulcer get in the way of eating candy, to Saya's dismay. Kokonotsu and Hotaru argue over Bomb vs. Boob Ice Cream.

Episode 9 - "WataPachi and Poop Chocolate and..."

"Sakura Daikon and Egg Ice Cream and..."


It's been a while since we last saw Saya and Hotaru just hang out by themselves. It's pretty obvious that the energy of the previews matches their usual interactions. The major source of material this week is that Hotaru developed a canker sore, but she won't stop eating candy and snacks that would irritate it more. She's a snackaholic alright. Kokonotsu bore the brunt of extreme fanservice, which we also hadn't seen in several episodes. Hotaru definitely was much more of a "pain" than usual!

And So.

Let's talk about this episode! I got so tickled that Hotaru actually had a "De!" moment, I put it up with the eye catches.

Hotaru Candy Masochist.

Hotaru just can't conceive of a reason she developed a mouth ulcer besides stressing about candy, whereas Saya can't believe Hotaru just can't think that actually eating all that candy may have something to do with her sore spot.

The things Hotaru kept munching on would definitely hurt a sore! Hard salty chips, hard crunchy cookie roll, and then... Japanese Pop Rocks! No wonder Saya grabbed the WataPachi.

But Hotaru can't help herself. She wants the C (candy)!

The most hilarious thing to me about this sequence is how Hotaru was aware of Saya's objections and she used jumping frog toys to distract her while she put the whole pack of WataPachi in her mouth and went back for the popping crumbs.

Usually in Hotaru's candy delusions, Kokonotsu and his father play roles, but this time around, Kokonotsu was there with some other deep-voiced character. Who was that supposed to be?

Saya's scaredy-cat nature now extends to creepy-crawly toys and seeing others in pain.

Hotaru almost plotzed from pain and pleasure. It's the usual outrageous behavior from candy-crazy Hotaru.

Refined Sophisticated Ladies... and Poop Talk.

We've known from the beginning that Hotaru has no shame when it comes to candy. However, she does recognize when someone else has some misgivings. Unfortunately for Saya, who does not want to think about candy pooping mascots, Hotaru filtered he entreaties to act like ladies instead of primary schoolers through her love of all things candy. The idea that they should stop eating the candy never occurred to her. Having a sophisticated poop chocolate party was the only solution!

The gilt-frame and the ojou-sama faces comedically clashed with saying poop. Many times. Repeatedly.

Osaka Hotaru.

I'm a bit confused on why Hotaru started talking about how she was from Osaka with Saya, made a big deal about it with Kokonotsu, who was skeptical, and then just flat-out admitted she made the whole thing up just to use a funny accent in her reactions to Sakura Daikon. Wouldn't she feel bad that she told Saya a lie about her upbringing?

Besides Hotaru just stealing Kokonotsu's rice and bowl, making her more annoying than usual to Kokonotsu, she stuck in a couple of meta references that made me laugh. The first was the "De!" moment, which seemed to me to be the first time it was used in the course of the normal narrative.

The second was how, after she left, she came back, making a grand entrance. Like we've seen her do many times before. And then she segued into the next round of candy hijinks by explicitly saying, "This is the second theme of the day." Ha!

Funny how Kokonotsu didn't notice Hotaru's swollen cheek. Also, Hotaru started eating things to soothe her canker sore, like rice and ice cream.

Hotaru the Bombshell. Or is that Boobshell?

When I saw what happened to Kokonotsu here, I thought, "Oh no!" By which I meant, "Oh yes!"

The Japanese really are adventurous when it comes to snacks. I have no idea how selling ice cream in rubber balloons would ever fly in America, much less the mechanism of eating it through a hole you cut yourself through a nipple.

The breast jokes about Egg Ice Cream, they're supposed to look like eggs, work especially well since the bodacious Hotaru is the one asking whether a horny teenage boy likes big boobs. Well, of course he does! But what does the attractive young lady want to hear?

Does Kokonotsu tell the truth about his love of big boobs and risk the reasonably expected reaction of disgust? Note how the white shirt and suspenders chest actually belongs to the large breasted character he designed for his manga.

It's nice to see the boob sweater has entered the realm of regular breast fetishes along with underboob, naked apron and bikini tops. Progress marches on, I guess?

Kokonotsu's dilemma bookends nicely with Saya not wanting to talk about pooping animals. Kids need to practice being mature, right? Well, not when it comes to Hotaru.

If you don't like big boobs, she doesn't want to talk to you!

Of course, when it comes to candy, Hotaru never thinks about it sexually. She's passionate about Egg Ice Cream being called by its slang term, Boob Ice Cream, because, well, just look at it!

Kokonotsu argued that his region always called it Bomb Ice Cream, because of what you saw if you try to bite through the rubber nipple and part of it had already melted. Kaboom to the face!

Hotaru had warmed up the Ice Cream to play a little prank, but you knew her turn was coming. This show can't escape putting Hotaru in sexually referential situations!

Kaboom to the face! In a non-sexually charged manner! Huh? It was sexually charged? My bad...

Yeah, okay. It was sexually charged... I guess it was a pink day for Hotaru-chan.

So, uh, Hotaru's not even trying to convince Kokonotsu to take over the candy shop anymore? She's just coming over to "educate" him on candy trivia? And tease him in annoying and, hmm, less annoying ways? Maybe she's having too much fun during Summer break that she's forgetting to do her homework too.

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