Friday, March 25, 2016

10 Second Anime - Dagashi Kashi - Episode 11

Hotaru shows Kokonotsu why she's recruiting his father. Kokonotsu and Hotaru share a sour snack at the train station.

Episode 11 - "Cola Gum and You and..."

"Miyako Konbu and Ramune and..."


It took almost the entire season for Kokonotsu to finally ask Hotaru why she is recruiting his father You to work for her company. Simply put, she sees him as the ultimate candy store owner and they need him to run their planned ultimate neighborhood candy store.

Of course, they can't do the normal thing and just hang out as he runs the store. Spying on him somehow includes hiding in a dark tight spot with two teenage girls. Yeah.

The second half of the episode shows Kokonotsu and Hotaru missing their train, so they have to spend time waiting for the next one the only way a crazy candy geek and a sane one can: talking about snacks sold at train stations.

And So.

Let's talk about this episode!

The Amazing Fantastic You.

Ha! Saya's recap of what Hotaru told her in the first episode was epic! Especially all the "something-somethings" and "stuff-like-that!"

That was a nice way of demonstrating human nature that those closest to talented people don't see what outsiders see. Well, Kokonotsu could have done without all the sighing from Hotaru.

Apparently You is still helping out at the pool. He also calls Egg Ice Cream "boob ice cream" like Hotaru does.

How rude! Funny, but rude! Saya's little sound effect for Kokonotsu's elbow in her boob was a bike horn. Not even close to the big bouncy ball sound you usually hear for Hotaru. Nary a cow mooing in the background either!

You acted exactly as the lazy father Kokonotsu had known for years. Eating his profits and still rapping to himself. Hotaru wanted her Bin Ramune fix too!

Bros gotta look out for bros. You helped a bro out trying to impress his new girl. It doesn't matter if they were little kids. Bros gotta bro out!

The little vignette demonstrated how corner candy store marketing may look like freebies and handouts, but when all you have is candy and snacks, what better way to establish a sense of belonging and encourage repeat visits and good word-of-mouth.

This first part of the episode felt like a season recap show. There were all these little reminders of scenes we've seen before, like Saya remembering why she wanted to help Hotaru make Koknotsu stay in town. Of course, Hotaru read her face as wanting some candy...

Kokonotsu has seen that feminine imperiousness from the little girl a little too much during this Summer break.

The scene with the little girl and boy had played out before, with Saya showing off her godly luck even at a young age. She, ha! actually thought Mr. Shikada was just letting her win like he did with the boy in the present, but Kokonotsu remembered it a little differently.

Something to Suck On.

For a boy who's still self-conscious about indirect kisses, how in the hell could Kokonotsu think that Hotaru was offering up her own luscious body parts to pass the time between trains? Come on. Come on, now.

What was noteworthy about this scene, besides Hotaru's impersonation of Commodore Perry and how she just happens to carry sliding woodcuts of the Lemonade version of the Black Ships encounter, was that Hotaru made clear to Kokonotsu that she knows he has his own plans for his future, but she wants to help him find a way to fulfill both his dream and her dream.

I tried to look up this town Kakeoka (掛岡) in Japan and there isn't one. I think it's a mash up between Takaoka and Kakegawa. They're both seaside villages, so it makes a bit of sense.

As I thought, Ramune is just a bastardized way of saying Lemonade. According to Hotaru, it's only Ramune if it comes in the pop-top bottle. It's called Cider if it comes in a regular bottle like Coca-Cola. And here I thought the Japanese just called everything "juice."

At the end of the episode, Hotaru got on the train by herself and said she'd be waiting for Kokonotsu's answer (presumably about succeeding the family candy shop), but they were supposed to be going to town together. The way I see it, Hotaru just forced the scene into a dramatic one that didn't have to be, because... that's just the way she rolls. It did make it seem like she was going on a long trip, so I wouldn't be surprised if she were absent for a little while in the final episode next week. You never know what that crazy Hotaru is going to do. And that's a good thing.

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