Wednesday, February 03, 2016

10 Second Anime - Musaigen no Phantom World - Episode 5

Haruhiko's team splits up to work with Koito and Kurumi to seal a violent phantom.

Episode 5 - "I Can't Use My Special Abilities!"


This was a nice way to combine Koito and Kurumi joining Haruhiko's Scooby Gang, but it was still mainly concentrated on Koito's character.

Koito Minase

Haruhiko is back to explaining phantom stuff and used Koito as an example of the special abilities awakened in children after the virus outbreak.

Ruru had a fun meta moment talking about an "an anime director she knows" who uses karaoke songs to get the rhythm of his storyboards correct. Gee, I wonder who she's talking about...

Koito has a sweet tooth! Perhaps she believes very sweet hot milk will soothe her sore throat, but unless that sugar is a thickening agent, the milk coating should be enough.

Koito has a power stance. Hands in pockets, boots shoulder width.

Koito's reserved nature due to her friends and family being scared of her special phantom ability made her the blushing tsun when she has to connect with people.

Summoned Pets

I'm including Ruru here, but I'm not sure Haruhiko actually summoned her. She still says she doesn't know where she goes at night and in the same bit of dialog she asked about that device she found at the virus company's old warehouse. It looks like girl(s) of the week shows are going to be over soon with Kurumi featured next week, but possibly using Albrecht the teddy bear as the catalyst to get the story back to the mysterious company and its neural virus.

Speaking of huge teddy bears, I'm reminded of Witch Craft Works.

Marchosias continues to impress. Somehow, like we saw in Mai's episode, other phantoms just can't handle a flying Alaskan Husky puppy. Plus, Marchosias has a super hard head and he timed that head butt to make the Cerberus looking phantom swallow his own attack. I love that little guy!

When is the octopus pet going to show up?

Almost Complete Harem

Kurumi joined the hijinks this week, so Haruhiko's harem has almost filled the loli position full time. Right now, she's just a part-timer.

I'm not sure what her reluctance was all about in joining Team Mai-Got-Jealous-of-Haruhiko-Helping-Koito. She thought they were pretty cool when they fought Mai's phantom friends on the bridge. Maybe seeing a scary monster trying to eat defenseless caged animals was too much for a little girl.

The other girls were around too, but I think they were there mainly for a little exposition and continuity. Reina used her newly discovered healing power.

Har! Ruru used a payphone with a big coins to call Haruhiko. That was too rich!

Ms. Himeno explained that some phantoms come back after being banished, but in Koito's case, we learned that some phantoms have a type or species. Like a three-headed dragon with different monster heads so it's chimaera Cerberus? Which likes eating animals in cages? Awfully specific type of phantom.

And Mai got jealous when Haruhiko ran after a rude girl. Best girl and childhood friend needs to assert her number one harem position.

Mai Action Fanservice

Koito as the featured girl was fine shouldering all the banshee action, but I'm glad we still saw some physical violence. Mai had good teamwork with Albrecht who always knew where to throw a big monster right in Mai's path.

Pouty Pouters Who Pout

Harem dynamics are starting to show up big time with some members getting miffed that Haruhiko was showing favor to the new girl. Just wait 'til Kurumi joins up and Haruhiko Onii-chan has to spend time with the little sister type.

Next time, who knows? This show doesn't do previews, however this was the first episode KyoAni gave the audience its famous "to be continued" sign. Kurumi and Albrecht will probably have their own show next week. I can't wait to see another scene of a giant teddy bear throwing phantoms around.

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