Sunday, February 28, 2016

10 Second Anime - Dimension W - Episode 8

The surviving collectors and Islero staff find unique challenges on Easter Island. Mabuchi goes his own way with Mira, but others join them.

File.08 - "The Island That Fell into Nothingness"


Well, it's really Easter Island, but I don't know how snow starts falling on a subtropical rainforest island.

I had speculated last week that Mabuchi's Grendel buddies would show up somehow on the island and the story explained it right away. The dimensional collapse and dead zone acted like a pause button and when coils started working again, the pause button clicked off. Unfortunately, the dimensional fracture would mess things up for things caught in the zone, so who knows how the people are going to start acting when they start up again.

That one zombie dude got scooped up by that mysterious sphere before we could see how damaged his mind was.

Now how did Lasithi know that thing only went after men?

Ha! Mabuchi acting like an old man moving small boulders while Mira was just chucking them like pebbles. No wonder he keeps wanting to tease "hunka junk."

Hey, I would too. She's just so adorable!

Mira made a nice foil to show how effective Mabuchi's tactics are against coil-powered robots and the dead zone pockets.

The robot shields which transferred energy to Dimension W definitely sold the premise behind the civil war within New Tesla and how to use the micro gates in the coils. One can surmise the problems associated with extracting energy, especially if there are unknown beings or things on the other side, but also shoving harmful stuff at them compounds those fears.

Getting Lasithi's shirt off was a major plot point.

Actually, it bothered me because we didn't see the other unconscious people get stripped out of their wet clothes. That was a sour note to add to the nice fanservice.

I also didn't succumb to the humanization project on the African Wind prince, Even if he has a complicated relationship with his adoptive younger brother, it doesn't excuse his sadistic behavior towards Lasithi. Unless she's a full-on robot like Mira...

The girls weren't the only ones getting gushed over.

Mabuchi just scored Member #0002 in his fan club. Number 1, of course, is Miyabi.

Mabuchi flashed us a bit of dark foreshadowing behind his intentions to go back to Easter Island with his wish to rejoin Miyabi. He knows her head was lost in a coil accident and somehow his path back to her leads to the object at Ground Zero.

Last week we saw how effective Mabuchi's dart throwing was against smaller robots, but his wires were just as effective using the AT-AT tow cable technique.

Loser and his daughter made it out of the big crashing ship and he knew just where to go like Mabuchi. If Mabuchi had all his memories, he would still have the disadvantage of his traumatic stress. As it stands, we're not sure who has the advantage in getting to whatever is at Ground Zero.

Several really interesting things to look out for as this story goes into the resolution. Why did the dead zone start dissipating now? What is Loser's deal with the Numbers? Does Mabuchi really want to go into Dimension W to join his lost love? What surprise did Dr. Yurizaki hide in Mira?

We saw her use her tail to just incapacitate and extract the coil from that huge robot. Is she there to close the microgate that may be at Ground Zero? Are illegal coils just dimensional collapse clones of this thing being smuggled out? And what is that floating black sphere all about? I already can't wait to see how this all turns out.

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