Sunday, February 21, 2016

10 Second Anime - Dimension W - Episode 7

Mabuchi's tragic past and love story intertwine directly with his return to Easter Island in the present.

File.07 - "The Voice Calling from the Past"


The half episode sojourn to Mabuchi's past ticked off all the question boxes from last episode. A tragic love story has to be a great love story first. This little brave Miyabi was the perfect Beauty to Mabuchi's Beast.

I can totally see how Miyabi's love for her old camera became a defining trait for Mabuchi after his personal loss. His attachment to old technology honors Miyabi and shows his distrust for coils at the same time.

Mabuchi was always big, tough and had a great arm to go with his great accuracy.

How Miyabi and Mabuchi first met was just about the most adorable thing I've seen in my recent memory.

She got stuck falling from a wall trying to get a picture of a cat. I loved how the cat remained nearby to taunt her in a bored nonchalant manner.

Miyabi's elder sister made an appearance too!

Still the same scary vibe, but these days it's much more subtle and terrifying.

After our healthy dose of cutesy romance, the tragedy portion was quick and full of pathos.

I was impressed with how efficient this part of the timeline was. After Miyabi was diagnosed with an MS or ALS type disease, Mabuchi turned into a knight on a holy quest for cybernetic prosthetics for her. Enter the Yurizaki's, New Tesla and Grendel.

I should have seen it from how Albert's character was with Mabuchi that the Grendel unit members were all going to be good loyal brothers-in-arms. Maybe their mercenary actions during the internal New Tesla civil war weren't exactly ethical, we don't know what the argument was about, but the people in this elite unit genuinely cared for each other.

And Albert was always a cool badass sniper too.

As for present, there's a really good reason to go back to Easter Island. The dimensional collapse in the past had turned the area into a coil dead zone. This goes into the confirmation that Dimension W is the probability space of unchosen possibilities. Supposedly, the coils extract energy by folding over layers of the probability space, but if this is done wrong, the probability space will materialize in this dimension that has already collapsed those probability functions.

As an aside, let me tell you that it is not impossible for the many worlds interpretation of probability functions to exist. You'd just need a degree in the mathematics of infinitely small numbers to talk about how small the probability is of some other possible event happening than the one that did occur. The reason is because it's not just human awareness collapsing wave functions: it's the "awareness" of anything that can "measure" the result. Billions of atoms and molecules collapse probability functions an infinite number of times a second. Practically speaking, we live in a pre-ordained material world with no access to alternate realities. But hey, it's fun to think about, right? And I mean that literally. You can't bounce a photon off an idea, so in a sense, all these alternate realities do exist, in our imaginations.

So, in this supposed dead zone, a coil has begun to work again. And because the Wind of Africa doesn't trust Steve Jobs, er, whoever that guy in charge of New Tesla is, he's pitting Collectors against each other to grab this impossible coil.

Of course, Mabuchi has an advantage with being buddies with Albert, knowledge of the island's geography and layout, and a gasoline-powered car. Sucks to be those other collectors, crashing before they even get to the island.


I wonder if Mira's body was the original one that Miyabi was going to use. Also, if there was a coil accident with her head, might Dr. Yurizaki have been trying to retrieve Miyabi's consciousness from Dimension W? Many things still to be teased out of this story.

I also wonder if we're going to see some of the old Grendel elites again. We saw all those ghosts in the Lake Yasogami story, so might something similar happen here? So far, the overall story has built on many things established from earlier episodes. At the nexus of Mabuchi's past and present, what is his future going to look like? I already can't wait to see what happens next.

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