Sunday, February 14, 2016

10 Second Anime - Dimension W - Episode 6

The COO of an African NT region visits Japan. He issues a challenge to coil collectors which directly bears on Mabuchi's past.

File.06 - "The Wind of Africa"


We've got a pure base building episode where a lot of scenes touched on Mabuchi's past, the new arc and its characters and a few details which flesh out the world Mabuchi and Mira live in.

Some things never change for Japan, like going crazy over good looking prince types.

The COO from Africa, nicknamed the Wind of Africa, has a complicated relationship with his assistant.

I like her. She's very pretty and apparently very sensitive. Her name is Lashiti, but that could easily be heard as Lusty. Oh yes.

I take it we're supposed to hate this African guy. He treats his employees and retainers very shabbily.

His little brother, supposedly, knows Japan only from its stereotypes from mass media.

A stray news report in the background offered some foreshadowing. Something about lifting the limit on people installing robot parts set at 60%. Seeing how the African prince is a robot manufacturer too and his little brother tore up a military grade robot with one hit, I think someone already broke that limit.

These New Tesla regions have different logos which are stylistically similar but their uniforms use the same colors.

That's right. Mabuchi is both a samurai and a ninja.

I liked the scene with the traditional dress maker. We had seen Mabuchi try to visit a family grave and then he arrived at the shop with the same name on it. The lady there insisted she was still the older sister, even though they were both the same age. We can infer that she's the older sister of Mabuchi's dead wife or fiancé.

That conversation dropped a lot of background tidbits on Mabuchi. Like the dimensional collapse incident messed up his memories, which is consistent with the Lake Yasogami details.

I wonder how long the extended flashback about Mabuchi meeting his beloved is going to last. I appreciated how the sound and smell of rain falling triggered that memory for him too.

Loser and his daughter even had a quick scene to show that he's collecting the Numbers to complete or build something. Perhaps he won't factor into the current arc at all, but we still need to keep him in mind for the season's final arc.

Yes, I'm disappointed we didn't have much for Mira to do either. We did get some confirmation that her body is the utmost in robot bodies but nothing revolutionary. The mysteries about her concern her brain which operates almost organically and the tail that's tied into her spine. She already explained to Mabuchi last episode that she can use it to tune a coil so that she can control its dimensional effects. The mystery is why the New Tesla founder made her.

Mary the contractor said something very true: "There is no reason why anybody is born, unless you're a tool." I figure that bit of philosophy is going to be contrasted with how the Wind of Africa operates.

The big setup is that coil collectors are being invited to Easter Island, the scene of Mabuchi's dreaded incident with his Grendel colleagues, for some kind of contest to prevent breakout of another coil war. Lots of questions to be answered, but this transitional episode was only here to perk up the viewers' interest for the coming episodes.

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