Friday, February 19, 2016

10 Second Anime - Dagashi Kashi - Episode 6

Hotaru plays with candy and Kokonotsu and Saya remember an embarrassing childhood memory.

Episode 6 - "Super String Q and Ohajiki and Sometimes Maken Gummies and..."

"Yogurt and Coconuts and..."


After a week off due to some special programming last week, Dagashi Kashi is back after two weeks. The first vignette is set at a local shrine so Hotaru and can pray to a candy god and to invite her friends to play with their food. With special candy designed to be played with, of course. There is a quick contest between Kokonotsu and Hotaru to remind us that she's still trying to make him take over the candy store, but in the end it was all about playing games, including a Japanese version of marbles called Ohajiki.

The second vignette featured Saya remembering an embarrassing childhood memory playing doctor with Kokonotsu and the punchline was that Hotaru brought the same "nutritional" candy with her to the candy store that Kokonotsu was using for his "prescriptions."

And So.

Let's talk about this episode!

Play with your food!

Young Hotaru was adorable! And had the same fashion sense! Remember not to eat the gummy string if it hits your feet or the ground.

Hotaru really wanted to talk about this long gummy string candy, but she got sidetracked by Tou.

Yes, there was another gummy candy that you can play with besides Super String Q - Maken Gummy! I believe this is supposed to be a pun on makenki (負けん気), which means fighting spirit, because the 3 gummy forms in the package can be used for Rock, Paper, Scissors. Tou knows the real use for the long hand gummy, though. Teasing his sister! Everyone saw stars after that...

Hotaru's main way of playing with the gummy string was twirling and whipping it around. We got rhythmic gymnastics in an inspirational dance for the candy god but Hotaru got a little carried away with her Bruce Lee nunchaku routine. Kokonotsu showed off his candy store instincts by snatching the broken gummy in midair!

Whipping a gummy string around isn't the only way to play with it. Remember, this show is about Hotaru making oblique references to sexual fetishes using candy. Oh, did I say that out loud? I mean, let's mix in some adult humor with playing around with a big rope. Tentacles, binding and tug o' war seems funny enough. The tug o' war was the game used to briefly touch on the premise of the show but that ended in a draw with both strings breaking.

The thing about candy stores is that they don't just sell snacks. Kids got to be doing something other than sitting around eating the snacks. This is why there's all those games and puzzles and other stuff. Stuff like Ohajiki, Japanese marbles.

Just like marbles in the America, Ohajiki has different size pieces too. Unfortunately for Hotaru, her big bomb is also very fragile. Hotaru is awful at these games. We saw her terrible luck in picking out the sour grape and how she didn't win any coins from the candy lottery. Meanwhile, Saya appears to be very good at these frivolous pastimes. She and Hotaru are like pure opposites. Short/long hair. Small/big boobs. No/very much candy knowledge. No/lots of skill at kiddie games.

Speaking of kiddie games, Saya got awfully flustered by her memories of going to the Shikada house to play with an oblivious Kokonotsu.

Saya has had a crush on Kokonotsu for a really long time. Blushing so hard even her ears are red! Too bad she went back to her regular long hair from the day before. She even got a compliment from Hotaru on her twin tails. I agree! Very fetching.

What I found hilarious about Saya and Kokonotsu playing doctor together was how bold Saya used to be and how frustrated she was with "quack doctor" Coconuts.

Saya kept trying to get Kokonotsu to lay his hands on her and he just kept giving her pills. And he gave away all his yogurt candy because he really is a natural candy store owner. Give kids candy, no matter what! Not much has changed between these two cute kids, except I think Saya would be way more self-conscious about sticking her chest out at him these days.

Of course, the punch line is that Kokonotsu isn't totally oblivious about Saya's feminine mystique.

The yogurt candy incident was a special, er, awkward memory for Kokonotsu too! There are no coincidences in the bounds of comedy, so it only made sense that Hotaru would bring in the source of shared humiliation.

The other punch line for the whole show was how the little yellow stars rising out of Tou's skirt flipping action weren't just animated embellishment. Stars are definitely not as mortifying as strawberries or hearts. Right, Saya-shi?

More comedy than fanservice this time around, but at least we got to see twin tail Saya. Next time, Hotaru inflicts her crazy self on a summer festival. I can only hope there's also some beach time associated with a seaside village's take on the festival episode.

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