Wednesday, January 13, 2016

10 Second Anime - Musaigen no Phantom World - Episode 2

Haruhiko's group helps Koito neutralize a phantom at an abandoned warehouse. Haruhiko's first phantom summoning yields surprising results.

Episode 2 - "Take Out the Annoying UFO!"


We didn't get the frantic pace of the first episode, but we did get solid story building for the rest of the season. Koito is slowly being introduced to the harem, er, phantom hunting club. And a mysterious device recovered from an abandoned warehouse owned by the company responsible for the Phantom virus ends up in Haruhiko's possession. Group dynamics and overall plot progression with a healthy dose of fanservice and comedy is a good way to keep the interest from that fascinating limbo first episode.

Mysterious Ruru

Haruhiko's prologue introduced the idea that the phantoms may just be products of the human mind and not actually "real" in their own right. Ruru (rurararurura etc. full name) doesn't know her own origins, can offer no answers and appears to disappear into the night sky when it's time for Haruhiko to go to sleep. A clue definitely lies in the name of the phantom hunting club: Neural Error Correction Association. All we know is that Ruru is very attached Haruhiko.

Mai Action Fanservice

Come at me, bro! Yes, ma'am!

Mai wasn't the only one getting all fired up.

I suppose Mai's Fire power resides in the heart, which is why she was rubbing the center of her chest. We didn't have full-on limbo action going on, but fighting a peeping tom flying saucer in only a towel limited her offensive capabilities.

The warehouse fight with Koito answered why she wears those headphones. She uses her voice to attack and bind phantoms. Unfortunately, she likes fighting alone, so if something counters her ability to invoke her "parole," the little incantation the chuunibyou, er, phantom hunters use, she'll be in trouble.

Fighting in a warehouse is dirty work. Dirty girls need to get cleaned up.

Haruhiko lives all by himself in his family's big house. He deflected the question about where his parents were and he just presumed to let Mai and Reina borrow his mother's clothes. There's more going with his situation too. This is all good.

Fanservice Exposition

Listening to Haruhiko ramble about the flip side of his ability would have been boring without his slide projector and Ruru's interjections, so let's just pay attention to Mai's third mole on her inner thigh. I thought it was overkill already to give the busty senpai two beauty marks next to each eye, but then to give her another one next to an important body part... Hnnnggghhh!

Maybe it will become important later on that we know that a mole is supposed to be there...

Actually, it was Ruru who started all these leg exercises while Haruhiko was explaining stuff.

Ruru got bored in the warehouse and she wasn't about to be left out in the club room as Haruhiko explained why incantations are important and to demonstrate that most of these special abilities have a reverse nature to them. If Haruhiko can banish phantoms, he can also summon them. That was nice foreshadowing to Reina discovering a new aspect of her own power.

Focus on Reina

Reina reminded us that phantom hunters get paid. If Mai can get paid in rice, can she get paid in all-you-can-eat barbecue?

With the introduction of the dual nature of these special abilities, it was neat to see how the reverse of eating phantoms would manifest for Reina.

Nope. Not suggestive. At all. Reina can heal with her mouth! That whole ridiculous voyeuristic UFO mission had two objectives. Let Reina discover a new ability and let Haruhiko suffer comedic disappointment is summoning his demon dog.

Aw. Marchosias as a flying Huskie puppy is okay. There's internet memes with how evil those little guys can look with their eyebrows. Well done.

The other point of that misadventure in a college girls' dorm was for Koito to see the goofy side of Team Haruhiko. It will take a little while longer to snag the third member of this particular harem.

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