Sunday, January 17, 2016

10 Second Anime - Dimension W - Episode 2

Mira becomes a Collector as Mabuchi's partner. Their first case involves the infamous art thief "Loser."

File.02 - "Loser"


This story is not messing around in getting to the good stuff. Through a series of flashbacks, told by Mira and the seemingly unrelated Loser art thief, by the end of the second episode we know Mira's origins, who Mabuchi was and why he hates "coils" so much and that all three know exactly how New Tesla operates in protecting its technology.

The prologue showed Mabuchi forcing Mira to endure his stubborn use of gasoline. No working generator means no air conditioning.

Mira's first memories as a two year old robot were of her creators (maybe not quite creators, hee) Mrs. Yurizaki and her daughter getting murdered by New Tesla. Intriguingly, Mabuchi knew her first name.

Mira, named by Dr. Yurizaki's murdered daughter, is as cute as a button. She makes a good contrast to the gruff stoic Mabuchi.

Every collector needs an outfit! I loved Mabuchi's reaction to the new clothes. Nothing. Nothing at all!

She's not a robot! She's just got big hairpins! That wiggle...

The action was fun to watch, especially when mixed in with less serious animation styles.

We learned almost nothing from the Loser about his circumstances, other than his wife getting caught in a terrible coil accident and his getting scarred horrifically. But his quest to gather these numbered coils hidden in art pieces introduces hints behind why New Tesla is so aggressive about covering up these incidents.

Loser, so named because he stages these grandiose spectacles to ostensively steal expensive art but never succeeds, had a lot to say about Mabuchi's past as an elite anti-coil fighter whose group did not use coils at all. Mabuchi is supposedly the only survivor of their last mission.

Mira had her own action sequences. I guess jumping is an action... The important takeaway is that she felt underpowered after using a regular coil instead of one her father made.

Watch out! Fembots!

What a terrible way to ruin some lovely chests. Both Loser and Mabuchi pointed out that the illegal coils glowing red meant "death." They obviously weren't glowing red before the art owner ordered them to kill, so there's some context here that should be revealed in an upcoming episode.


I quite liked how the animators handled the "Dimension Collapse." The world we perceive is a 3D one projected onto a 2D plane. This is why we get fooled by perspective in paintings and rapidly changing frames gives us the illusion of movement. We only interpolate a third dimension of depth through parallax and a fourth dimension of time through noticing changes at set intervals. Like how a CT scan takes many 2D slices to assemble a 3D model, a whole bunch of 3D objects would need to be assembled to form a 4D model. It's quite easy to break the illusion of motion by scattering all the frames of a motion picture all over the floor. Now, what would breaking the illusion of 4D look like in 3D? Good job here.

Mira has a mission to find out who is actually manufacturing the illegal coils. Loser is collecting the numbered coils because he believes they hold the answer to exposing New Tesla's dangerous secret that these coils aren't as safe as they're advertised. Mabuchi has seen first hand how this technology can be exploited in war, which explains why he avoids them. The mystery is why New Tesla chose to visit the Yurizaki home on the day Mira became conscious. I have a feeling Mira herself may be the answer to the secret of Dimension W's source of energy.

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