Friday, January 29, 2016

10 Second Anime - Dagashi Kashi - Episode 4

Hotaru challenges Kokonotsu to a blind taste test. Kokonotsu runs against time and Hotaru to get his notebook back.

Episode 4 - "Fugashi and Fugashi and..."

"Guriko and Guriko and..."


Nice changeup on the first scene. Usually Hotaru has been slamming open the sliding door to introduce the next funny chapter, but this time it was Kokonotsu finding Hotaru had started without him.

And so.

Let's talk about what sexual fetish Hotaru will exploit this episode. Uh, I mean, let's talk about her new antics with popular candy.

Well, how better to explore bondage play than to start with blindfolds, sticking pole like objects in orifices and binding hands together? Oh, I guess we're blind taste testing fugashi.

Hotaru's Pace

It's pretty clear that the teenagers are bored during Summer vacation. Kokonotsu had no particular reason to go along with Hotaru's taste test contest other than he had nothing else to do.

Hotaru seemed to have forgotten why she's spending time in this town. Other than testing Kokonotsu's candy skill, there wasn't much else motivation to have this contest. It did get Kokonotsu's competitive juices flowing, though.

This is a lot of candy to eat. No wonder they got thirsty.

The punchline, of course, was Kokonotsu's dad walking in on their "bondage play." It's the red string of fate! Hotaru and Kokonotsu are destined to be together, at least in Mr. Shikada's eyes. Also, he's got strong calves, compared to Kokonotsu's stick legs.

Tou the Troublemaker

Tou makes a good editor and has a good eye for observation. Also, we hadn't seen Kokonotsu draw anything since the first episode. His manga girl had bigger boobs than this Hotaru draft...

Hotaru will use any excuse to get people to eat candy. She didn't know why Kokonotsu had to run back to the Endou café, although Kokonotsu had a good reason to keep it a secret from her too, but she knew the perfect candy to help out.

All this talk of caramel candy providing calories for running is bullshit. All of it. However, I can't get too mad at some candy that gives us Hotaru Ponytail version and bouncy running.

I'm just so impressed that Hotaru is running around in hose and wearing those shoes.

All for naught. Saya the pettanko demon did not accept her brother's editorial decisions. And blamed Kokonotsu too.


Leave it to Hotaru to take it up a notch. Last episode we had the sexualization of slurping ramen and this time around we saw that blindfolds were not enough to keep a taste test fair. Bondage play WITH eating a phallic object. Of course.

Hotaru claimed their hands needed to be kept away from the fugashi to make sure of no cheating, but... I'm sure it was just an excuse to see those hands in front of her backside contours.

And Hotaru's terminal diagnosis of fine assitude has been confirmed. RIP.

Let's not forget about the sexualized eating, though.

Um, yeah...

Bouncing boobs seems almost tame by comparison, but it was a good reminder that Kokonotsu needed to get his notebook back before someone, anyone, discovered Tou's "improvements" on his sketches.

Kokonotsu thought Hotaru's obvious "assets" must have added weight to her frame, but she claimed to weigh less than he did. Slim and stacked...

We took a tour of the beach, but Hotaru ran across it in her frilly blouse and long black skirt. Tou is still angling to get her back to the pool, but come on. The beach is right there! Let's make that bikini episode happen with aggressive candy eating!

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