Saturday, December 19, 2015

10 Second Anime - YuruYuri S3 - Episode 11

Yui and Ayano's reserved natures cause misunderstanding and laughter. Chinatsu catches a cold. The girls go cherry blossom viewing.

Episode 11 - "Terrible No Matter How Much You Struggle"


The theme connecting the three little vignettes was "Don't Hold Back." Because Ayano and Yui didn't let their giggles out over all the puns they were making, they didn't realize they were actually getting along nicely. Chinatsu never holds back in her love for Yui-Senpai, causing her own problems while Yui tried to let her happiness out for once and ended up stubbing her toe. Kyoko is the master of not holding back, even camping overnight to reserve a spot for cherry blossom viewing, in a very quiet spot where it wasn't necessary.

Yes, those were terrible puns!

Holding back laughter is never good. Yui is about to cry here.

Kyoko said they were done cleaning up the gym in 5 minutes. She said this when the time counter for the episode was EXACTLY 5 MINUTES!

Akari shock! Chinatsu said she was in a slump because of her fever. The fever brought out all of Chinatsu's hidden talents!

Chinatsu sugoi!

Yui learned a valuable lesson: never skip. Well, at least she needs to practice in a place with no obstacles.

Because of the 5 minute prologue, Ayano's scene with Yui was pure comedy gold. Now Yui was crying and Ayano had to figure out how to make it better. I laughed so hard when she approached Yui in that kind manner.

Kyoko got the gist of Yui's embarrassment, but added her own embellishment. Instead of a stubbed pinky toe, it was a slap to the nose for some kind of weird hobby.

Come on Yui, skipping is fun!

It had been a while since we saw Chinatsu's mad love for Yui express itself, but the dynamic between Yui and Ayano was the funniest stuff in the whole show.

Sakurako is a hoot. She saw Chinatsu in a hygienic mask and she immediately assumed the sick Chinatsu was hungry. Why? Ha!

Aw. No comedy gold could be mined from Yui and Himawari cooking together. They're just too responsible and reliable.

We went from snowy Winter to flower bud Spring in one episode. Is the last episode going to jump all the way to the end of the school year? Wah! This means this cute-girls-do-cute-things anime is almost over. Nooo!

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