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10 Second Anime - Prison School - Episode 5 [BD Updates]

Kiyoshi's escape gets found out, but he accepts sole responsibility while dealing with other consequences.

Episode 5 - "The School's Number One Most Treacherous Man"


Following the formula for most prison stories, our hero Kiyoshi decided not to rat out Gakuto, but the other prisoners, especially Shingo, started taking out their frustrations on him.

The interrogation scene was pretty much what I was expecting from Meiko.

Interesting that there were no scenes of interviews with the other boys to try to trip up Kiyoshi using the Prisoner's Dilemma logic puzzle. These are still high school kids, I guess.

Gakuto would be wise to keep his figurines out of the prison since Meiko is inspecting the boys' cells. Andre has an interesting, ah, dream journal.

Oh man, Kiyoshi would have gotten away with everything, even with the disappointing end to the date, if Chiyo wasn't Mari's younger sister. Like I said last time, I was not impressed with Kiyoshi's part of the scheme. His lies to Chiyo caught him out, along with his inability to gather enough information about her. Or at the very least warn her not to tell anybody about their date. Social media is the devil's plaything in a young girl's hands!

Ah yes, the softness and sweet smell of Chiyo's breasts will sustain Kiyoshi through all the hardship he must endure.

Speaking of breasts enduring hardship (subject-object-error here, yup, yup), Meiko attracts the attention of Mari's favorite crow quite a bit.

Mari's pretty rigid in her obscure belief that only nice people like crows. She couldn't believe Kiyoshi saved a baby crow, even when her sister saw him do it, and he fell on Hana peeing because of it.

Oh hey, Hana's back. Maybe next time we'll get an explanation of where she was. For now, we'll just have to suffer the intimidation of her quest for revenge.

So, is it confirmed that Kiyoshi actually peed all over her?

Not a fan of Shingo right now. Maybe he's extra pissed at Kiyoshi for trying to date a girl because he believes he's the one with better game. It should have been him trying to get with a girl and risking an extra month of detention. Hopefully he's just mad that he wasn't trusted with the plot, but this bullying behavior isn't attractive.

Meiko sweats, a lot, when she's in disagreement with Mari.

Maybe that will become a plot point later on.

Oh. So that's what this DTO business is during the opening credits. Danshi Taisaku Operation - Boys' Expulsion Operation. Mari can't expel them, but she can make them quit the school. They're going to need Hana in on this plan because the boys enjoy Meiko's punishment, physical, psychological or otherwise, way too much.


Yay! Mari gave us a little fanservice this week.

Also, according to the many scrolling announcements, the first disks for this show, without all those annoying streaks of light and shadow, is coming out in September. Just throwing that out there.


Yeah, the blu-rays didn't disappoint with the NSFW bath time scene, but just getting the celestial shades of censorship out of Meiko's Crotch Watch and her sweaty thighs made the experience more enjoyable.

And this was uncensored Meiko's Crotch Watch. Mind you, most of the other crotch scenes dealt with Meiko's other running joke: nervous thigh sweating.

Man, I could watch Meiko's sweaty thighs all day. I mean, for their humorous content...

I told you the blu-rays would do justice to this scene.

Hoh. Kiyoshi's imagination was a lot more explicit than we were lead to believe.

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