Monday, August 03, 2015

10 Second Anime - Non Non Biyori Repeat - Episode 5

The students clean the pool. On a special day off, the girls eat okonomiyaki with the candy store lady.

Episode 5 - "We Ate Okonomiyaki"


Japanese school girls must be the most superstitious group of people in modern society. The one thing connecting all the little vignettes was a toy fortune teller that always gave bad fortunes. The joke, of course, is that bad things happen to Komari whether they're predicted or not.
I love these little scenes where first grader Renge learns about common phenomena.

And then these common things need to be used in a joke, usually at Komari's expense.

Bad luck involving water? Nah, just bad things happen to Komari and she happened to be near water.

Cleaning the pool means using it afterwards! I noticed that big brother Suguru did not join in.
I'd been waiting for the reintroduction of Candy Store Lady, and her whole scene did not disappoint.

As Renge's former babysitter, she's still adept at translating Renge speak, or even reading Renge's mind.

An adult figured out this mask was a teru-teru bouzu. How you feel me now?

Double chopstick power is pretty good, but it doesn't beat fairy power.
Hotaru may be big for her age, but I appreciate that this show treats her like a child. She was so excited to be done with her task of waiting for a package, she just ran out of the house to join her friends, but she didn't know where they were. That's something a typical child would do, not these fictional kids who solve crimes after school.
Hotaru's Komari doll collection hasn't reached embarrassing proportions yet, so that's a clue to where we are in the first season's timeline.
Yay! Whistling with wild seed pods!
That was a nice gesture from the Candy Store Lady to make a random day off into a special one for the girls. Their little adventures on a weekday seemed pretty special to me, even worrying about looking like they were playing hooky, but making a special dish of okonomiyaki was something outside of their imagination.

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