Monday, July 13, 2015

10 Second Anime - Non Non Biyori Repeat - Episode 2

Hotaru makes new friends and learns of the challenges and blessings of living in the country.

Episode 2 - "We Went to Look at the Stars"


Well, at least we know for sure that we're getting the timeline of the first season of Non Non Biyori, just with different scenes.
Last time around, I think we saw the big brother's eyes only once. This season, it's still rare, but seeing his eyes is used for emphasis instead of a special treat.

I have never been so engrossed watching kids play a made up game. It had all the drama and tension of watching pro billiards, down to strategy, special moves, and even sacrificing players for the overall victory against an unbeatable opponent. Grrl Power!

I got a big Acchi Kocchi vibe from the eye catch.
Even though there were three separate vignettes, they were all connected so that three short stories become one interconnected episode.

Corgi butt. Corgi attack!
I liked the little details that focused the attention of newcomer from the big city discovering all the differences that come from living in the country. Like playing made up games with school items instead of video games with handhelds or cellphones, or noticing how the ubiquitous Japanese vending machine becomes an insect haven or a lifesaving landmark, or even just being able to see stars for primetime entertainment.
We never got much development on why Hotaru liked Komari as her senpai so much, so this was nice to see the beginning of her devotion.
Aw. Hotaru may be tall for her age, but she's still a little girl who cries when she gets lost. I don't know what to tell you about Komari who's three years older, though.
We've been getting a lot of Shiba Inu lately, so it's nice to see some Corgi love. Well, big brother Suguru could have used a little less Corgi love from Pecchi.

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