Thursday, July 09, 2015

10 Second Anime - Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 419

Guy Shippuuden continues. Guy activates the 8th Gate, the Gate of Death and Madara looks forward to the coming battle.

Episode 419 - "Papa's Springtime of Youth"


Guy always gets the manliest lines, but now we know he inherited that from his dad.
Things we learned in the flashbacks - Dai encouraged his son's rivalry with Kakashi. Guy was discouraged from the start because of Kakashi's genius, but to see that genius train as hard, and as ridiculously, as he himself did, that was doubly so. Dai knew how important rivalries could be in motivating young boys.
Hah! Guy got his signature hairstyle from his dad.
At the end, we saw that perhaps Dai was a genin by choice, because he couldn't use his forbidden jutsu unless it satisfied his self-rule. The Inner Gates shorten a lifespan, no matter which gate is used, so maybe he chose not to use it except for training because he had to raise a son by himself.
This can't be Zabuza, right?

He didn't look like that underneath his covered face and he didn't have that scar either. I have to assume this was the prior wielder of his sword.
Madara may think Guy is kind of dumb, but you know he respects him. If he can throw back a line of wisdom about how the red mist of the Gate of Death looks more like autumn leaves but the reason for that is to give back its life force to the green shoots of spring, well, how dumb can that guy really be?
Next time, Guy gives as good as he gets, making Madara feel the excitement of battle again, and that guy that this show is about has a nice conversation with an old man. I'm talking about Naruto and the Sage of the Six Paths here, in case you couldn't figure that out.

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