Thursday, July 30, 2015

10 Second Anime - Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 421

Naruto and Sasuke receive gifts from the Sage of the Six Paths to stop Madara. Guy unleashes his final attack on Madara.

Episode 421 - "The Sage of the Six Paths"


Now we know what's more powerful than a Morning Peacock, an Afternoon Tiger or an Evening Elephant - a Night Guy! The chakra turned into a fire breathing dragon which burned Guy from the inside out. Maybe Guy didn't know what it would look like and named it for the most powerful beast he knew. Himself. Can't argue with that and neither could Madara.
Didn't Guy see his father use that attack? I wonder what it looked like.

That little flashback of Kakashi's showed that his father was a little bit goofy, much like Kakashi in his later years after he took on Team 7 for his pupils.

Aw. It was a big family reunion and all the Tailed Beasts had grown up.

Oh! So that's why Obito grabbed Shukaku and Gyuki. Naruto hadn't fist-bumped the 1-Tail and the 8-Tail because Obito hadn't used them for his version of the Six Paths of Pain since he didn't have their dead jinchuuriki to reanimate. Naruto became a complete Sage with all 9 beasts' chakra.

I thought we might have gotten more of Sasuke's conversation with the Hagoromo, but considering how he wants to follow Indra's path to peace, it's better from a storytelling standpoint to leave that out until the reveal. Indra and Ashura still have to reconcile in a meaningful way and not in a way that mimics the abomination that Madara became when he took in part of Hashirama's body.

Guy didn't look like the color of Autumn leaves when he took on the final form of the 8th Gate of Death. That was the brilliant red Madara was expecting.

Guy should have died. Luckily Naruto's new sun-powered form has some amazing healing abilities. That seal he put on Guy's chest had the markings of Shukaku on it. Nice.


Hagoromo described in detail what he and his brother fought against to save the world, their own mother. She had the byakugan for her eyes and the sharingan as her third eye. Creepy. It turned out that Madara, even though he had taken on a disfigured version of Hagoromo, his plan for "peace" was exactly the Mother Kaguya's plan to keep all the world's chakra for herself.
The Sage admitted that he started the cycle of vengeance by favoring Ashura's characteristics of cooperation and charisma and shutting out Indra's values for individual skill and power. I guess that reminded him too much of his mother, but that imbalanced approached let the world see-saw between those two opposite poles. What would a peace forged by those two approaches simultaneously look like? Sasuke and Naruto are going to struggle to find out, but Madara comes first. 

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