Sunday, July 12, 2015

10 Second Anime - Aoharu x Kikanjuu - Episode 2

Tachibana meets the other member of Toy Gun Gun. Yukimura is reluctant to accept a new teammate.

Episode 2 - "Didn't I Tell You I Don't Need Friends?"


I was a bit disappointed that Tachibana didn't wear more girly sleepwear, because sometimes that's a little twist on these tomboy characters, but having pajamas set up some nice jokes later.

Tachibana was obviously a fan of the Three Stooges.
I'm laughing out loud at the reactions shrieks from Tachibana's inner monolog. She is totally a pettanko Tsugumi.
I appreciate humor based on misunderstandings and taking things out of context when they're only overheard. Almost all of Shakespeare's comedies were based on these situations, plus gender bending and mistaken identity. We've got that all here in this show.
Yukimura almost accepted Tachibana as part of his pervert tribe, but nooo, she had to be on team Toy Gun Gun, so he had to get all possessive about his friendship with Matsuoka.
Yeah, don't tell me it's a trust issue in making new friends, especially in a show that has character designs and art direction pulled straight from Boys' Love manga and anime. Yukimura just didn't want someone else dividing Matsuoka's attention away from him.

Don't get too attached to that name. Matsuoka is outvoted 2-1 for keeping it.

McQueen Survival Game Field... as in Steve McQueen?
The humor so far is reminding me of Sabagebu!, but with a much more plot driven feel to it. Thankfully, the plot elements are also character driven, as opposed to concept driven, so all the angst-ridden flashbacks will make it much easier to accept serious moments, instead of what happened to Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu. That turned into a dark story toward the end when it was fluffy cute girls do cute things anime up until the halfway point.
It's so not fair, right Tachibana? Being called a pervert by a genuine pervert, just because you came out of the right bathroom, but you have to make people think you're a boy otherwise Matsuoka won't let you pay off the debt from the damaged host club because you overheard him say that he doesn't allow girls on his team. So convoluted! But that's classic comedy.

Tachibana may not like Yukimura's manga, but at least she admired his sense of justice. But even better, he has room for improvement, making him a target for her attention. Yes, she's a sadist.
With the main three introduced, this show now has its main plot framed out. Become the best airsoft team in Japan! Ooookay... But we need to know why this is Matsuoka's goal and more importantly, how exactly does having Tachibana on the team make any money to pay for the repairs to the host club. I think Tachibana might be a little pissed when she finds out there's no money involved at all, but by that time she'll be emotionally invested in the airsoft experience. Plus, I'm really looking forward to how the dudes on the team react to discovering Tachibana's feminine side.

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