Sunday, February 16, 2014

Omake Gif Anime - Maken-ki! Two - Episode 2 - Discipline

Maken-ki! Two - Episode 2 - Discipline

Yuka sure knows how to get answers out of criminals, and she loves her job. Win-win!

But what did Yuka do to the criminal to release the amnesia magic on Haruko?

 photo OmakeGifAnime-Maken-KiTwo-Episode2-YukasResults_zps9f9f066e.gif 

Torture through pain? Pleasure? If it's Yuka, you know it's both!

 photo OmakeGifAnime-Maken-KiTwo-Episode2-LookAtThat_zpsdde5923e.gif 

Good thing Haruko got her memories back, or she was going to do more to Takeru than just kiss marks. Kodoma was scandalized enough.

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