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10 Second Anime - Witch Craft Works - Episode 6

Witch Craft Works - Episode 6

Kagari shows off her Princess Power. Kasumi shows off her, um, Little-Sister Power. Mr. Mikage seems to have all the answers.

I still don't know what's going on here. Kagari is now staying with the Takamiyas, and when Kasumi objects forcefully to her mother, Mrs. Takamiya has a sudden bout of debilitating depression. It looks like it's a common occurrence in the Takamiya household. From stray comments passed around, the Crafting Witches don't know where Medusa is, but Kagari does. What's the deal with that?

Meanwhile, the Student Council wants to do something about the Takamiya problem. Apparently, the "Princess" title is an official one, with the winner chosen by election at the Fall Festival. He or she is to act as the model student for the school, and is not supposed to be monopolized by any one student. Hence, the Takamiya "problem." The power structure puts the Council at a disadvantage, because the Princess is above them, and answerable only to the Board Chairperson, who happens to be Kagari's mother. The President asks the Faculty Advisor, Mr. Mikage to intervene.

Mr. Mikage has a meeting with the two of them about the Student Council's issue, and Takamiya learns all about the Princess title. Kagari adds one more tidbit of information: the first Princess was a familiar who came down to learn with the other students, so Kagari being a Witch adds some extra responsibility to the position. I wonder if that first Princess was White Princess Evermillion...

Mr. Mikage has another agenda, though. After sucking he and Takamiya into a magical dimension, he reveals himself to be a kind of alchemical witch. He knows all about Takamiya's five seals keeping the White Princess' power in check, but now that the first seal is broken, and the pill he took is a slow poison slowly breaking down the other seals, Takamiya might become an enemy of Mrs. Kagari, instead of someone she's been assigned to protect. He also knows Kagari is hiding Medusa. Somehow Kasumi is eavesdropping from inside Mr. Mikage's magical space, and hears that Mr. Mikage himself wants to be Takamiya's special bodyguard. What is going on here? This show is still crazy!

At that moment, Kagari pierces through the magical shell, and Mr. Mikage too, and drags Takamiya back to the class room they were in. Mr. Mikage has left a substitution log, like a ninja show, labeled with the word "Wrong." Kagari begins her plan, and calls a school assembly. Here's the Princess using her Princess Power!

With the sudden announcement for an assembly, the Student Council President barges into Board Chairperson Kagari's office to complain about what her daughter is doing. Behind Mrs. Kagari's back is the substitution log belonging to Mr. Mikage. What? How? What's going on here? Crazy!

At the assembly, Kagari announces that she is firing the Student Council President, and installing Takamiya in her stead. Board Chairperson Kagari seems to be moved to tears that her daughter has done all this for the school. What? Why? Crazy! At their first student council meeting, we now have a president, a vice president in Kagari, and a vice-vice president Touko, the former vice president. Kagari bribed her into taking on this role by letting her wash her gym uniform...

With all the impediments out of the way, Kagari and Takamiya think they can now relax, and just concentrate on the witchy problems of protecting Takamiya, without worrying about regular students trying to separate her from Takamiya. That relaxation period lasts only long enough for Kasumi to throw a car at Kagari, and hit her with 3 tranquilizer darts. Ah, Little Sister Power... Also, I think all the villains we're going to see in this show are right here on these shelves.

Kasumi lets her brother-complex out, and tries to escape the city with her beloved Big Brother in a newly constructed Bear Plane made from the material of her room. Yes, walls, wood and all. Crazy! She figures that Mrs. Kagari, the designated Workshop Witch, can't leave town, so they will. Well, a little tranquilizer isn't going to keep Kagari down, and she's so pissed, she's not even using her broom to fly after them.

A little more mass destruction, and Kagari grabs the Takamiyas and brings their unconscious forms back home. I hope she fixed up Kasumi's room too... Kagari has seen the strength of Little Sister Power, and now wants Takamiya to try calling her Little Sister too. Eh? Impossible. She's more like a big sister. "Fine," she says, "call me Big Sister, then." Takamiya sure has it rough. And the little taste we have for next episode is that Mrs. Kagari needs to come over to talk to her daughter and Kasumi. This wakes Mrs. Takamiya straight up from her depression. Of course.

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