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10 Second Anime - Witch Craft Works - Episode 5

Witch Craft Works - Episode 5

The "something white" finally comes out of Takamiya. The Big Bad Medusa is as effective as the other Tower Witches. And the comedy is overwhelming with personality!

The whole scene with Takamiya's mother just floored me. There were so many times I was just agape at the dialogue and laughing. They're all crazy. All of them. And it's hilarious! Mrs. Takamiya is treating that magic teddy bear as if it were one of the kids, even chiding them, "You know that I can't handle it when you, your sister, and bear talk all at once." Wat?!! I'm still smiling at that. Most of the time Takamiya is the audience's stand-in for discovering this strange new world full of witch factions, but at times like this, he is not the audience's friend. Takamiya, there is a stuffed toy walking around, and all it says is "kuma" (bear) like a damned Pokemon, and you think you can't explain to your mom about witches? What is going on here? I've taken crazy pills and I like it!! Oh, and if you can't read what it says on the bear's belly, it says New York Spirit. Why? Dunno. Has to match the American flag bowtie...

Okay, Mrs. Takamiya has explained her history with Kagari's mom, which seems straight out of a lesbian rom-com, and they promised that their kids would get married since they couldn't. I wonder if Mrs. Kagari knows about this... So it's way alright for Takamiya and Kagari to shack up. Kasumi the little sister hates this idea, but her mom calls her out on her bro-con, and says give it up already. That trope about the overprotective sister? In this show, it's not a clever substitution for her bodyguard duties. It's in addition to all the overprotective little sister tendencies! I love this show!

Of course, Kagari has her issues too, as she tries to hide her little Takamiya dolls from him. And her house is huge! Oh, and those aren't maid statues in the foyer, the Big Bad Medusa is ready to attack. Takamiya wants to help fight, but Kagari says he can't. No, he literally cannot because she hasn't taught him any offensive spells yet. Things happen, Kagari gets petrified, and Takamiya eats that candy spell Chronoire made so he can unleash his "white stuff."

I was not expecting the white stuff to refer to his familiar. Shiro Hime Evermillion. Could be Shiro Hime E. Vermillion. White Princess E. Vermillion makes a quick slap at Medusa, and destroys the mansion in the process. Mrs. Kagari doesn't like that at all, since she watched it happen from her office. Medusa seems to know who this Vermillion is. She is a very confident magical being, and already likes to tease Takamiya, whom she calls Honoka-kyuun (Honoka is Takamiya's given name). She tells him that Kagari got petrified because he lost a little confidence in her, and that to break the petrification spell, which wasn't the full-on petrification that Medusa can do, he just needs to kiss her like a sleeping beauty. And then Vermillion disappears. It seems that Honoka-kyuun can't summon her for very long.

With Kagari awake and at full power, she makes quick work of Medusa and the 5 Tower Witches who came to help her. The Big Bad taken out in one episode? What kind of show is this? Oh, right, it's crazy! Takamiya wakes up in the nurse's office, and is glad to see Kagari is alright. Kagari then pays him back with a kiss on his cheek, and tells him never to offer his eyes to a demon again. Sooo, she was awake underneath that skin of stone. Takamiya asks what happened to Medusa, and Kagari pulls back the curtain to the next bed, and Medusa is right there. Hello. Hah! Here we have Takamiya acting as the audience's stand-in again. What, why? Kagari says she's not going to attack, and she'll explain later. It's like they're all classmates arguing over some pudding, except they argue with exploding volcanoes and petrification spells. But when the argument is over, they're right back to sitting next to each other in class. This show is crazy!

Meanwhile, Mrs. Kagari is pissed about her mansion, calls an emergency meeting of all the Crafting Witches in the city, launches an all-out attack on Chronoire and her army of 30 Tower Witches, and it's over justlikethat. The Crafting Witches are sooo overpowered. The Big Bad in Medusa is recovering in the nurse's office. The other potential Big Bad in Chronoire is now captured and being tortured at the end of the episode. What is going to happen next? I don't know! But I'm sure it's going to make me laugh and say wtf all over again.

Something I just noticed is that the ending credits keep adding the new characters to the scrolling scenes showing the Crafting Witches and the Tower Witches. Recent events are added to the backgrounds of those scenes. So for this week, we now have Medusa and Vermillion in there, along with the Kagari mansion under renovation in the background. So many little touches in this show. It's becoming my favorite for the season.

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