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10 Second Anime - Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 350

Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 350

Kakashi Shippuuden continues. He builds his reputation as the Cold-blooded Kakashi. He watches over the pregnant Kushina, only to be kept away when she dies. He meets a young wood-style user.

Kakashi practices his Chidori, still trying to rid himself of the image of Rin dying at his hand. As part of ANBU, he also is getting the reputation as a cold-blooded killer. Minato as the 4th Hokage worries over his former student, but doesn't see anything wrong with his work performance. Guy, his Eternal Rival, does, and keeps trying to shake him out of it with their usual duels.

When Kushina gets pregnant, Minato assigns Kakashi as her personal guard, since the chakra necessary to keep the 9-tailed beast contained also flows into the growing newborn, so extra care and vigilance must be maintained. The time passes without incident, and Kakashi's guard duty is over when Kushina is about to give birth. He pays a visit to Rin's grave, telling it about their teacher about to become a father. Obito/Madara is there spying on Kakashi, so whether Kakashi inadvertently tipped him off is unclear to me.

We see again the release of the 9-tails by Obito/Madara, but this time from the young jonin's perspectives. They are ordered by the 3rd Hokage to be backup, basically taking them out of the fight. All their parents, including Kurenai's, agree with this order, because just getting near the wild 9-tails is a suicide mission. Again we see that the Will of Fire is about protecting the children of the village who are their future, and why Danzo was never chosen as Hokage until the events that lead up to the 4th Great Ninja War.

With Minato and Kushina recapturing the 9-tails by themselves, and dying in the process, we see the 3rd Hokage is the first to cradle Naruto outside of his parents. His relationship with Naruto is established that night.

With the 3rd Hokage returning to his office, Danzo sees recruiting Kakashi as a consolation prize. When Kakashi travels to Danzo's headquarters, he's met by a quick-acting wood-style user. Finally we meet Tenzo, aka Yamato, whom we will meet much later in Naruto story.

As a young ninja, I'm surprised at how much chakra Kakashi has. When we first get to know him, we know he runs out of chakra quickly using Chidori and his Sharingan at the same time, and he drains especially quickly just using Sharingan attacks. Also, his first nickname while in ANBU was Cold-Blooded Kakashi. Does he get his more renowned name Copy-Ninja after he leaves ANBU? This filler arc is answering a lot of little questions about Kakashi, and making us really hate Danzo in the process. As if he need any more help in hating Danzo.

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