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10 Second Anime - Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - Episode 5

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren - Episode 5

The chuunibyou's club needs an official event to keep their certification. Competitive napping is a thing? Good enough to save the club!

With the elections over, the new student council has to recertify the clubs, and they need to make sure all the, ahem, "cultural" clubs actually do what their descriptions say. The Far Eastern Magic Nap Society of Summer might have a little problem, since they don't actually do anything. The Secretary is willing to let the half-read statement of purpose slide, but the student council asks their faculty advisor what they actually do. She doesn't really know... and if she can't give a report on what they do, they'll have to give up their space. Thankfully, Kumin actually does the napping that's in the name, and knows about napping competitions known as Siesta Tournaments. It's a thing! They arrange to meet a local Siesta chapter to get a practice match, which will count as an official activity.

The local napping association president, Sui Nemuri, heh (her name is a pun on sleeping), is not impressed with only one member doing the napping, and doesn't want to have a match just for fun. Kumin wants to save the club, and everyone passes it off to each other to prove the depth of their napping passion, until Rikka agrees to a death-match to prove their worth. If they lose, they'll disband their club! Reckless Rikka! Nemuri agrees, and we then have nap training vignettes. A good napper must be able to sleep in any kind of environment, to let distractions pass right through them, even a napping Isshiki trying to get Kumin's attention. Nice try Isshiki...

They don't think the training is working fast enough, so Yuuta comes up with a brilliant plan: Stay up all night before the match. Who knew Dekomori was so good at card games and videogames? Shichimiya has to crash the party, of course, showing off how close she and Yuuta used to be.

You don't get that level of synchronization without spending a lot of time together. Rikka's jealousy is starting to build and then blows up when she sees Shichimiya waking up next to Yuuta and rubbing his nose with hers. "What the hell is this??!!" Shichimiya calms her down by rubbing her nose. "What the hell is that??!!" Well, that wakes everyone up, and they realize they all fell asleep and are about to be late for their napping match.

Nemuri seems to have pulled all the local ringers to form her team, and the titles given to the 5 napping positions are all military or like they're part of a kendo squad. Serious Siesta is serious. Nemuri reminds them of their condition if they lose. After seeing the strength of the other club, Yuuta and Shinka think it's impossible to win, and they should apologize for provoking the duel. Kumin says they won't lose, because they'll use the power of their entire club, even the chuunibyou power. Rikka and Dekomori start the incantation, and Kumin completes it with her little sheep pillow, "Vanishment, this world!"

We move to the magical world setting, but it's Kumin's little dreamworld, not the Evil Lord Death Eye's. Everyone gets involved, with the magical attacks somehow manifesting as leg cramps, sudden starts, and wakefulness. The Far Eastern Magic Nap Society of Summer wins the match through the strength Kumin's sleepiness. When Kumin finally wakes up, the other team is has already left, admitting their total defeat. All's well that ends well, and the club gets to keep their space.

Things are back to normal with Shinka spending more time with the chuunibyou club than the drama club, though she still comes running while in costume. Of course, it's to complain that Dekomori sewed another "Fake" sign on the back of it. Back to normal, whatever that is.

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