Monday, January 27, 2014

10 Second Anime - Witch Craft Works - Episode 4

Witch Craft Works - Episode 4

Penguins and teddy bears. It seems the Takamiya siblings have much in common. Way too much in common. And the Big Bad of the season is revealed.

We've got some big reveals this week, not least of which (heh), is that Kasumi, Takimiya's little sister, is also a Crafting Witch. She's been the one assigned to protect Takimiya when he's not doing school stuff. Perhaps Takamiya is oblivious, or he can't see it, but there's a teddy bear running around the kitchen brushing its teeth in the morning. Guess whose familiar that belongs to. Kasumi is big into teddy bears. Or is that into Big Teddy Bears? Meanwhile, Takamiya has penguins on the brain. Specifically, sculpture through chiseling. There's just way too much personality in this show for each of the characters. Including Kasumi. We have the trope of the overprotective little sister, but we're given a reason for it. She also likes to tease her big brother.

As for the Tower Witches, they keep trying. Even after being given the hint from Chronoire that they need to separate Takamiya and Kagari, they're overmatched. We don't have to see the fight between Kagari and three of the witches, which is fine, because I'm starting to sympathize with them. The action follows Kasumi and her Big (Huge!) Teddy Bear. The poor witch with the bunny robot army thinks she can match her size, but no, not at all. That is a large Teddy Bear. Have I mentioned that yet?

I can see why Kagari's mom might be getting gray hair, what with having to rebuild her city each time a Crafting Witch destroys something. One thing I do like is that the Crafting Witches have so much power. This is a magical fantasy show, but it makes me think of the grand battle between order and chaos. In our universe, chaos, decline, and entropy are the natural order of things. It takes a great deal of energy to reverse entropy for a time, and when you do, it's balanced somewhere else. The conservation of energy people know about is actually only a byproduct of the actual equation state of the universe, the conservation of entropy. It doesn't take that much energy to destroy something, because it was going to be destroyed anyway, and we see that reflected with these Tower Witches and how much less power they have individually than a Crafting Witch.

We get introduced to the Big Bad this week too, in the form of Medusa escaping some prison. I guess she'll be gunning for Takamiya's white stuff too. Hurr. Chronoire has her hands full trying to organize the chaotic Tower Witches. She's still recovering from making the magic pill that will unseal Takamiya's mana, so that's a nice scene I'm looking forward to. The poor Tower Witches can only console themselves with karaoke, of course.

Now we have one of the scenes from the ending credits explained. They look like such nice girls, except for the part about attacking Kagari and trying to capture Takamiya. Oh well, I guess they can't be perfect witches.


  1. Enjoyed the review. This is a fun, somewhat under-appreciated, show!

    1. Thanks, David. I'm really enjoying this show. The animation is great too, with such vibrant colors, and the CG scenes with flying brooms and robot armies works well. And it's funny! I'm glad I picked up this show.