Monday, January 20, 2014

10 Second Anime - Witch Craft Works - Episode 3

Witch Craft Works - Episode 3

Kagari starts Takamiya's training. More witches join the hunt for his, uh, white stuff. Takamiya wa robe de kawaii. Those brooms are nice too.

Those five witches of the tower getting blasted is going to be a running gag, huh? That's fine with me. More running gags are the buttload of death threats Takamiya gets in his shoe locker along with the glares from all of Kagari's fans. She, of course, takes no notice. She's got to get started training her precious apprentice. He's got to hit the books first though. Teacher will help, count on it.

On the way home, they get attacked by another Tower Witch, who used to be friends with Kagari's mother. She explains a little bit about the "white stuff," which is what mana looks like when it manifests. Apparently, Kagari and Takamiya have a magical contract where she borrows his mana as his personal knight so that she can receive whatever wounds he does. We saw this in the last episode where the wolf witch bit Takamiya's neck, but the bite marks showed up on Kagari. Well, Kagari gets pissed, uses a familiar to unleash a green flame that partially turns her into a dragon. These Crafting Witches are awfully good at destroying stuff when they're supposed to be creating stuff...

The next day, it's time for real training. But first, picture time! Kagari can't help it. Takamiya is so cute in his robes! It's not just big hats, big bows, and long flowing capes. The outfit makes the witch much lighter, makes them invisible to non-witches, and holds all of their tools, like their brooms. The first flight scene was very effective. I got the whole sense of power, speed, and an exclamation point that these are real witches we're watching.

Takamiya even gets to try out his first flight when he sees a girl in need of rescue from some bullies. One of the rules for Crafting Witches is that they can't use their magic on normal people, but Kagari lets him go towards the scuffle. It turns out all the bullies were witches and they set up a trap based on Takamiya's personality of wanting to help people. Of course they get one-shotted in a big ball of flame.

I liked the little touches in the magic scenes with Kagari. Her little familiars are always changing shape depending on what she's doing. When she was the green dragon flame witch, her familiar was shaped like a pufferfish in the mouth of a huge snake. Even though Kagari was frowning, the familiar was smiling casually. That's a little hint about which form Kagari must be most comfortable in. And when she's flying around on her broom, her familiar was a blue-eyed siamese cat. A witch in all her regalia has to have a cat around somewhere.

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