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10 Second Anime - Silver Spoon S2 - Episode 2

Silver Spoon S2 - Episode 2

The vice president who can't say no takes care of a vice president who barks. The rest of the school chips in to help, though.

When Hachiken finds an abandoned puppy, the rest of his class already knows he's going to take care of it. Coming from farm families, they're all very practical about it, already adding up food, shelter, medical care. Hachiken thinks all this money is going to be flying away from him, but many of his problems are solved in quick order. The stable manager says "What's one more animal hanging around?" as many cats have already been adopted, and there's so many animals there anyway. As for food, Tokiwa devises a beggar's cup out of some bamboo to hang around the puppy's neck. Labeling it "Snacks," the puppy's cuteness takes care of the rest. One of the seniors sees him tied to a pole, and says this is no good, and quickly builds him a dog house out of some spare wood. But getting all the shots he needs does open up Hachiken's wallet. He can't find a way out of that.

Unfortunately for Hachiken, he didn't take the chance of naming the puppy himself, and the class has come to calling him "vice president" since he seems to be taking care of the horse stables. Initially, Hachiken welcomes this, because when the girls are saying nice things about Vice President, he can imagine them saying the same things about himself. But when they start talking about the Vice President making messes on the floor, well, that's no good. Also, the puppy is getting underfoot of the horses and will need to be trained to listen to orders. Hachiken knows all about social hierarchy and competitiveness coming from a high-powered academic junior high. After speed reading through dog training books, he quickly establishes dominance and trains Vice Prez thoroughly.

Considering the drama with Pork Bowl being turned into bacon, I'm wary of what tragedy awaits Vice Prez. Hopefully he becomes a constant character and just participates in the drama along with the other cast, but you never know. The unknown trouble between Mikage and Komaba is still lingering in the background, so this issue will be dealt with before anything the puppy can bring to the story.

After Hachiken injures himself because he's concerned about a cow falling on Komaba, Aki and Komaba lecture Hachiken about being more concerned about himself. Komaba says it's not easy to watch your friends get hurt when they're not being careful of themselves as they care for others. It's plain to see he's not just talking about making sure a cow didn't fall on a friend, but also about the sadness Hachiken felt in fattening up Pork Bowl, and taking on the job of making bacon himself.

Well, life goes on at the agricultural school, and they all have to prepare for the Fall Festival. I can't wait to see what a farm school's version of a Freshman War is going to be. Maybe they'll be riding real horses instead of making fake ones out of 3 students. Judging from how the equestrian coach reacts to some fine jumps by Aki and her horse, we may see some crazy stuff!

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