Sunday, January 19, 2014

10 Second Anime - Saki - The Nationals - Episode 3

Saki - The Nationals - Episode 3

Maho is a real wildcard. Jealous-Momo instead of Stealth-Momo. Subara! Wa haha! Taco Power! And some actual mahjong competition.

It's a bit interesting to see how much Nodoka has been around. From playing mahjong with the Achiga girls, joining Yuuki in middle school, only to have the Subara! (Excellent!) girl from another school being her original club president. Nodoka obviously has her, uh, charms.

As for Hisa's strategy in bring Maho to the training camp, she deduced correctly that she can mimic another player's style for one hand per game. Look at the shock on Saki's face when Maho pulled out a Rinshan Kaiho! But she's still a beginner, and makes nervous playing mistakes too. This all plays into Hisa's plan for her mahjong monsters to play against themselves, and for them to gather more data for Mako when someone has an unpredictable playing style.

Hisa has her own training regimen, and gathers a table of certain strong players, much to the jealousy of Momo. So jealous, she forgot to disappear! When some of the schools have to leave, she feels a pang of missing new friends because she's never had this camaraderie of mahjong club presidents before, this being the first time she's gone to the Nationals with a team. Ah youth, making memories.

But hey, there's still some actual mahjong competition going on. We see from the other schools' perspectives as they dispatch their foes how Kiyosumi is doing. The news reports that Hisa has been one-shotting schools in the 3rd rounds. Whoa, go Hisa! Now we're getting to some of the tougher schools, and it's Yuuki's taco powered time to shine. Complete with cape!

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