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10 Second Anime - Kill la Kill - Episode 15

Kill la Kill - Episode 15

Nudist Beach rolls out. The Elite Four unveil their new uniforms. Cleavage vs. Underboob: Round Two.

Satsuki takes a little time to defeat the Osaka boss, arguing that fear rules people's hearts much better than money. Sanageyama delivers the finishing blow on the Osaka Crab mecha with the Thousand Years of Pain strike. Someone can't be a blushing bride anymore... With impeccable timing, Ryuko crashes the scene, ready to take Senketsu's glove back from Satsuki.

Prior to this, Aikuro had entered the Nudist Beach's lair, and mobilizes them to attack Kiryuin's strike force, and to provide covering fire for Ryuko to battle Satsuki. Ryuko has her hands full just keeping her defense up against a fully transformed Junketsu. When things look grim, Nudist Beach attacks, providing Ryuko a chance to regroup.

Unfortunately, the rest of Satsuki's raiding forces have converged on Osaka after cleaning up Kyoto and Kobe. They also arrive with their new and improved battle suits.

We had already seen Sanageyama's suit, since he used it to finish off the Osaka boss. But with Nudist Beach formed up, the rest of the Elite Four transform as well. They reveal the true purpose of the raid into Kansai: to provoke Nudist Beach and discover the locations of their bases. In a striking case of continuity, all the suits are called Mark 2 except for Sanageyama's, which is called Mark 3. His Mark 2 was obliterated by Harime the Tailor.

With some space created by the appearance of these two forces, Ryuko convinces Senketsu to transform even without his missing glove. He says human skin can't take all the power coursing through it for even a minute. Ryuko says that's more than enough time. Sure enough, Satsuki falls for Ryuko's feint, and Senketsu is fully recovered. Now that Ryuko knows how to control her rage by focusing on her goal within her reach, she lets Satsuki know what that is: to protect her friends and stop her from scorching the earth anymore. But first, a Mako Moment to remind the viewers how this works and powers Ryuko up:

So that's what it looks like from far away... Interesting that Gamagoori is so concerned with Mako's wellbeing. It's probably his sense of duty to protect students, but she did spend the most time with him in the stands during the final rounds of battle during the Elections.

This battle between Underboob and Cleavage is more even-handed, each with strengths and weaknesses. When Ryuko's scissor gets knocked away, we find out Senketsu's blades cannot cut life fiber, leaving Satsuki with a blade that can. But Ryuko can still fly away and stay out of reach, and we find out that Junketsu cannot follow, Jakuzure lends Satsuki her flying form. After getting knocked off Jakazure, we see that Satsuki can transform threads on her suit, just not make full transformations. Back on solid ground, but still without her scissor, Ryuko is at a disadvantage, but Senketsu has a plan. You can bet on it being sneaky, like when he allowed parts of himself to be cut up to block Sanageyama's eye sensors on his Mark 1 suit.

It's sneaky alright. Fashioning a blade, he blocks Satsuki's katana, but only so that he can spurt blood into her eyes. Ryuko beats her down, and grabs her blade. But the advantage is short-lived, because Satsuki fashions a corkscrew drill bit (spiral power?!!), and points it at Ryuko's throat, letting her know that Junketsu can cut life-fibers. Pointing their weapons at each other, we have a stalemate. Noticing the other stalemates around the battlefield, most notably Mako pouting at Gamagoori and refusing to hand over Ryuko's scissor, Ryuko asks for a ceasefire, explaining that she can't sacrifice others' lives for her own revenge. After Gamagoori implores her, Satsuki relents. Just then, the ground erupts as Jakazure finishes destroying the Nudist Beach base below them. Declaring her mission a success since all the Kansai towns were conquered and Nudist Beach was dealt a heavy blow, Satsuki and her forces return to their academy.

After the Kiryuin forces leave, and realizing how much of their organization needs to be rebuilt, Aikuro asks Ryuko to join them, and finally get some real answers about everything that's been happening. 15 episodes of prelude? Fine with me. It was a fun, wild ride, and I want to see what comes next.

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