Friday, January 17, 2014

10 Second Anime - Kill la Kill - Episode 14

Kill la Kill - Episode 14

Of course. The heart of a sailor uniform is in its neckerchief. Senketsu lives! But Ryuko needs to put him back together, and the last piece is with Satsuki. This will be difficult.

Well, thank goodness the neckerchief on Senketsu wasn't cut up. Leave it to the author to make the point that the heart and soul of a sailor school uniform is in the neckerchief. Now Ryuko has a mission: collect all the cut up pieces of Senketsu. That's a bit difficult because 1) she doesn't have a full suit to augment her abilities, and 2) the pieces are being worn by students in the middle of three battlegrounds. At least Senketsu can sense where his pieces are.

As for Aikuro, it's time for him to leave behind is cover identity. The students who matter are no longer at the school, and Ryuko has left too, so it's time to rejoin Nudist Beach. Nice Trans Am. Ryuko's raiding outfit still fits her personality: she's a suspenders gal all the way.

Mako is her usual self too, but she's not enjoying her stay in Osaka. A Mako Moment will solve her problems:

Using the fake money being used as weapons by the Osaka school president, Mako goes on her own raid through the stalls of this merchant town. At least temporarily...

Ryuko has been making lightning quick strikes through the other battlegrounds in Kobe and Kyoto, cutting Senketsu's pieces off students' jerseys and gathering them up. Using Senketsu as a scarf, she's still having her abilities enhanced, even without Senketsu drinking her blood. Mako thinks it's because Ryuko is focused on her goal. Perhaps having the life fiber suit and the one wearing it share a feeling or a goal is enough for the power enhancement? We'll see. But the problem is that that last piece of Senketsu is the glove, and that is being worn by Satsuki herself, who joined the battle to take out the boss of Osaka. Things are gonna get crazy(er) next episode!

As for the battles in the 3 major cities of the Kansai region, the episode made sure to use all the general stereotypes. Kobe battled with American gear and beef. Hah. Kyoto fought with spiritual power, although that ended up being mainly an illusion. And Osaka fought with money. Literally weapons made of money, using money for bullets, and bribing the locals to fight for them. Social commentary much? No wonder Satsuki came down to fight. Gotta fight money with money, right?

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