Friday, January 10, 2014

10 Second Anime - Kill la Kill - Episode 13

Kill la Kill - Episode 13

Ryuko still reels from her loss of control. Satsuki starts her conquering raid through Kansai. A beloved character dies, maybe?

Let me give you two pieces of information. 1) Trigger, who made Gurren Lagann, likes to kill off important characters, and 2) a real girl takes time to recover from a traumatic event, and there are consequences to this mental healing. Like not being ready to face your father's killer again, so soon after you went berserk.

Kill la Kill from the beginning has turned the magical girl anime on its head by showing an imperfect heroine learning how to use her outfit. Ryuko got defeated, she ran away, and she made mistakes. This time, she couldn't learn from her mistakes fast enough, and Senketsu was cut apart, and apparently died. I say apparently because I just don't know where the show goes on from here. With his pieces being distributed around, there might be a chance for some kind of resurrection, but I don't know. I want to find out.

This episode was very much a transitional one, before we get to the meat of this upcoming season, even including a fake student in need like Episode 4. They still gave enough hints that the Tailor was playing a role with this student's insistence on Ryuko putting Senketsu back on, and how his left eye was always covered up. A good enough device to get to the part where Senketsu died, and also to show Satsuki, though disappointed in Ryuko, still has a place for her in her own plans.

There were a couple of things that grabbed me. First, Mako, even though she didn't want to go, but didn't want to be left behind from the conquering raid trip, still got to go anyway. Heh. Second, Satsuki's mom, Ragyou, turns her heels exactly the same way as her daughter. Also, Satsuki is telling her mother that the purpose of her conquering schools is to sell Revocs brand school uniforms. I don't think she needs all the life fiber research and resources to do that, but her mother is letting her do it her way, for now.

So, what happens next week? Does Ryuko join Nudist Beach, and learn to fight naked, or what? Senketsu had told her that it felt like he was made to be worn by her, and that feeling grew stronger every time he drank her blood. Something to remember when Ryuko meets these pieces of him on the battlefield. This is getting interesting.

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