Wednesday, December 11, 2013

10 Second Anime - Kyoukai no Kanata - Episode 11

Kyoukai no Kanata - Episode 11

"Akki's mom has got it goin' on. Akki's mom has got it goin' on."

Akihito's mom in person is infinity percent better than a magical postcard. I've been waiting since the 2nd episode for her appearance, and she did not disappoint. She's there to point Akihito in the right direction, like always, but having her brand of crazy-sexy cosplay up close was a special treat.

Let's back up and tie up the confusing threads from last episode. The autumn Akihito wakes up in is indeed the real world, and he has been in a coma for 3 months. Mirai disappeared like the blood drop apparition said she did, but during this time the youmu and the spirit warriors' powers have been getting weaker. Mirai is still fighting the One Beyond the Boundary in an isolated dimension above the town, and the youmu has been drawing power from other youmu and Spirit Warriors to keep fighting. That the One Beyond the Boundary has been sucking up all this power means that Mirai has been slowly overcoming the stalemate. All this is according to agent-man.

The agent-man from the Society has been busy as well, feeding his weird weapon the Hollow Shadow energy, just so he can give the One Beyond the Boundary an extra dose of energy to overcome Mirai. He apparently wants the accumulation of all humanity's negative emotions to be unleashed on the world, but we still don't have a motivation for it, other than his own personal one, whatever that may be.

Akihito is absorbing all this information about Mirai from Izumi, about how she was manipulated into pulling the One Beyond the Boundary from him to kill it, hearing Mirai's words about him being angry when he found out what she did, "Serves you right," (様見ろ, zama miro, literally, "look at this mess," or "see what happens"). The timing of Mirai getting enough of an upper hand against the One Beyond the Boundary so that Akihito can hear their blows from the isolated dimension and Akihito waking up might be related, but it's a story, so we need to get from place to place somehow. Also, no mention of why agent-man chose that night to blow off his Hollow Shadow, and car battery, charged weapon at the isolated dimension, but again, all the drama needs to get focused on this moment in time.

But Akihito's mom (she's got it goin' on) always had impeccable timing. By seemingly randomly blowing paper in people's faces to come to the Literature Club's room, she makes her awesome entrance, and explains things. Mirai is not dead. The One Beyond the Boundary created an isolated dimension, and they've been fighting in it for 3 months. But Akihito can enter the isolated dimension because the little worthless youmu stone that was left over from the battle with the Hollow Shadow was actually a piece of the One Beyond the Boundary when Mirai pulled it out of Akihito and defeated the Hollow Shadow. "Could be significant," I said.

Akihito takes the little stone into himself, and dodging full youmu now that the One Beyond the Boundary received a power-up from agent-man, leaps into the isolated dimension, taking the place of the emotionless body Mirai had constructed to protect. After landing in a tangle from catching her in mid-fall, he throws her words back at her, "Serves you right."

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