Friday, December 06, 2013

10 Second Anime - Kill la Kill - Episode 10

Kill la Kill - Episode 10

One and a half battles for Ryuko this week. The hacker quits, and the majorette takes to the skies. Senketsu keeps up with the changes, worrying Aikuro.

Inumuta the hacker doesn't put up much of a fight, trying to rely on data collection and prediction to defeat Ryuko. He fails on the prediction part, since Ryuko is so crazy, er, reckless. So he goes for optical camouflage and stealth attacks. Ryuko and Senketsu figure, if they can't hit him, just hit everywhere, and the uniform morphs into a huge eye of Sauron Senketsu to strike the entire stage. But before they can sever his life fibers, Inumuta forfeits, so he can save the data he's collected on Ryuko so far. He still doesn't get to keep his suit, and sits with the other no-stars, Mako and Gamagoori.

Next up is Jakuzure, the marching band leader, and her suit turns into a huge tank-like sound system. Before Ryuko can land a hit, Jakuzure transforms the tank into a flying machine. Raining down missiles on her, Jakuzure claims the sky as her own, and tells her that this a king of the hill battle: you lose if you fall, not if you fly. Ryuko has enough of that, and using string from Senketsu, she harpoons the machine, and drags it back to the battle ground. Jakuzure tries to cut the strings anchoring Ryuko to the ground, but since they're all life fiber, that proves impossible. She figures to cut the ground instead. She blows up the top stage, and Ryuko falls with the rubble.

About this time in the match, Aikuro is getting worried, not about Ryuko losing, but trying too hard. He calls Kinigase to come back as a contingency, since he thinks the suit is evolving too quickly. This may have been what caused their previous versions of the suit to get out of control. As he says this, Ryuko flies out of the dust cloud in a rocket suit version of Senketsu. Jakuzure wants to get serious now, which we'll see in the next episode. Sanageyama has already started warming up. He's already "seen" where this fight will go.

A couple things made me laugh in this episode. One, Aikuro's phone case was a bare chest with abs on it. Of course. Mako standing up to the losers sitting next to her was not only funny, but added something which might be bigger later on. Senketsu notice that Ryuko calmed down after her battle with Inumuta by connecting with Mako. And again, we see Mako sleeping anywhere.

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