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10 Second Anime - Freezing Vibration - Episode 10

Freezing Vibration - Episode 10

Chiffon Fairchild is a monster. The Limiters show their stuff. The original Pandora clone reacts to Amelia.

The battles Amelia left behind in the last episode to make it to Dr. O'Hara's lab get resolved here. As a bloggy note, since this episode was all action, there was no nudity, but extra violence, so no NSFW warning. For showing little girls get beat up, yay? Thankfully these Pandora girls have some pretty good healing rates.

Cassie and Julia make a wager that the loser has to do anything the winner wants, the cliché Punishment Game we see in anime. Cassie shows off her Quintuple Accel, faster than Mach 3, the speed of Julia's sonic attacks, and Julia goes down. With her attachment to Cassie, I don't think Julia minded at all that she gets to spend more time with Cassie "doing anything she wants."

Charles and Elizabeth end their battle pretty beat up, but with Charles the loser, on the strength and recklessness of Elizabeth's Limiter Andre. Like the Pandoras, who can access too much of their stigmata and risk being turned into Nova, the Limiters can push their stigmata as well. Similar to the Pandoras, blue hexagon patterns show on their skin, but when they really exert themselves, the blue glow turns red. The girls warn about this causing death, but how and why, we don't know. The Pandoras turn into Nova, mindless killing machines, so that's bad, but the Limiters seem to be only exhausted.

Also, we learn that Charles is the adopted daughter of Marcus Spencer, the head of the E-Pandora project, so she knows all about her Papa having to play the villain for the greater good. There's an extra dose of gratitude for Charles' motivation to be the good soldier, since she was rescued from a life on the streets as a young child. That extra motivation wasn't enough for her to win, since her Limiter got the business end of Andre's Freezing, and Elizabeth had time to charge up her strongest attack. Nobody dies, though. We did see Spencer showing concern for his daughter during the fight from the control center, but still issuing orders as if she were just another soldier. Perhaps we see why he wants this E-Pandora program to succeed so badly.

And finally, we get to see why Chiffon's nickname is "Monster." Her Volt weapon shows up as a big huge claw weapon with blades for fingers, which she can also use as a shield. Satellizer and Rana want to get her serious enough in their fight that she stops smiling and opens her eyes. Chiffon says that's not going to happen, since those two aren't enough to get her fighting seriously. The best part of the fight was when Rana gets in a good blow to the body, and Chiffon bashes her head into the ground, and says, "Oh, excuse me. That hurt a little bit, so I did that." Monster, indeed. Rana and Satellizer go into partial Nova form, but that's still not enough. They have delayed Chiffon, though, so Amelia can get to Dr. O'Hara's lab.

There, we see the many clones of the first Pandora, and one of them is reacting to Amelia's Nova form. What that means will hopefully be explained next episode.

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