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10 Second Anime - Freezing Vibration - Episode 12 [END]

Freezing Vibration - Episode 12 [END]

NSFW for animated boobies
10 Second Anime - Freezing Vibration - Episode 12 [END]

Chiffon, not of this earth, sacrifices herself and saves the day. Another good season of animated nudity and violence from the Freezing girls. Chiffon RIP (T_T)

Aw, Chiffon opens her pretty eyes for the first time, and it pretty much signals a suicide mission. She single handedly contains the Amelia Nova, showing 2 forms of anti-nova modes, supposedly only belonging to the original Pandora Maria Lancelot. The other Pandoras are basically fodder holding off the Maria clones, who suddenly form one huge transparent Nova when Chiffon discovers that Amelia can't shut down her Nova power because she can't control her rage. During the course of all these conversations, Chiffon reveals to Amelia that she's not human, and with the help of the Maria clones, takes the chain reacting explosion into another dimension. Everyone cries, the e-Pandoras return to their normal forms, even Amelia, and Dr. Aoi has to clean up Markus Spencer's mess. We leave the show with some of the girls back at the West Genetics Academy running into the class vice president looking pissed and copying Chiffon's hair style. Okay, waiting for Season 3 now...

What wasn't clear to me is whether Chiffon was never human and came from the where the Novas do, or she came to consider herself not human anymore because of her modifications from the stigmata. I'm leaning more toward the baby Nova adopted by humans origin story. As pieces of her drifted around the world after disappearing, she appears to her best friend and vice president Ticy Phenyl, saying goodbye and telling her she was always the strongest Pandora at West Genetics anyway. That lends credence to the never-was-human interpretation of Chiffon's words to Amelia.

Final Thoughts: Thankfully, being based in Alaska didn't mean we couldn't have a nice heated pool, spacious bath and spa, and a huge shower room. Laceration wounds and nudity is this show's bread and butter, so good job on figuring out how to deliver the nudity. Going to Bali with Satellizer wasn't a bad vehicle for those two things either. I did like seeing more of Kazuya's grandfather in action, instead of merely being referenced like in the first season. Also, Elizabeth was best girl. I'm not biased, but walking around naked almost all the time will affect my judgment.

One bad thing this season was just not enough Rana, but with so many new characters being introduced, including ones wearing scandalous gold monokinis, there just wasn't enough time. She had her moments, though. As for the plot... what plot? Heh, just kidding. Not much really to write about there, since it is standard magical girls fight mysterious invaders with a sci-fi overlay, but it does the job of getting us to all the different scenes of random violence and random nudity. Not complaining. I just hope we don't have to wait another 2 and a half years before the next installment. Maybe they'll actually show Rana and Satellizer getting better at all the Pandora moves instead of relying on stigmata activation. I'm hoping, anyway.

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