Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fewer Hurricanes, Warming? Eh... Not So Much.

The National Hurricane Center has downgraded their prediction from earlier this year, expecting fewer hurricanes than last year, lowering their expected tropical storm count by 10 percent. Last week, hurricane researchers in Colorado released their findings that Atlantic Ocean waters were not as warm this year as previously predicted. The National Hurricane Center, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration agencies released their new predictions based on:

[W]etter than predicted conditions over the Pacific Ocean, which forced slightly stronger upper-level winds over the Caribbean [...]. Those winds can rip apart storms and stop them from becoming hurricanes. Water temperatures in the Atlantic also are not as high as first expected, forecasters said. [Emphasis added]

Global Warming is supposed to warm the ocean temperatures more than the orthodox view of a 20-40 year temperature cycle driving storm creation. Again, we see the bias in the main stream media. Because the facts do not fit the agenda, confirmation bias does not allow Global Warming to be mentioned in this story. But if there had been any mention of temperature increase, you can be assured that Global Warmongering would have occurred.

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