Sunday, June 25, 2017

Omake Gif Anime - Eromanga-sensei - Episode 12 [END] - Elf Muramasa Sagiri Memories

The last episode gave us fanservice with Sagiri insisting on her own "data collection" festival with Muramasa and Elf. Bikinis, Twister, and ero doujins were involved to make great memories.

First came the negotiations and a little bit of Masamune trying to do his own data collection on little sister head pats. It was too much for Sagiri's heart...

First up on the Festival agenda was bikini Twister. Sagiri kept the Tornado game going until she found a pose she liked. I appreciated her discerning eye...

Tomoe came over to present Masamune with his new novel's first ero doujin. Sagiri approved and wanted to take a look right away. Masamune had conflicted feelings over all this.

Eromanga-sensei works fast, as usual, and made up her own ero doujin on the spot. Unfortunately, she had no reference for male anatomy and Masamune didn't want to tell her how she was wrong. He got Megumin on the phone to explain, but she was just as clueless. Muramasa drew Michelangelo's David to show what genitalia is supposed to look like, and the others immediately branded her as "mature."

A fine time was had by all, even Muramasa had to admit it, and Sagiri showed some progress by actually saying goodbye from her open window.

Everyone made it into the last episode, except Elf's big brother Chris, but he was there in the end card. Notice Megumin looking at Sagiri at her window as she videochats the "The End" sign. This show was pretty much everything I expected from the creator of Oreimo.

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